Growing alongside a company and developing skills during one’s career is a fundamental key to success. However, having a background that bolsters you forward through current obstacles can be even better. Mix the two together, and you’ve got Renae! Renae Vezina, an adept Account Specialist at our company, is a perfect example of how such a combination can serve everyone’s best interests. 

With a purchasing background that exposed Renae to the manufacturing side of chemical and personal care products, she has found herself to be a perfect fit for navigating challenges and pulling things together at her current job.

How Renae’s Understanding of the Packaging Industry Leads to Fantastic Insights

Renae has worked in the packaging business for decades and has brought plenty of experience to her position. Her experiences have created an Account Specialist with unmatched field expertise that simple training cannot produce overnight. Additionally, her knowledge of the field, familiarity with key packaging market players, and background in purchasing have essentially developed her into an optimal asset for our company.

At one point, she was also an employee for one of our long-standing customers before she met our own Tim King, then joined our MJS Packaging family in 2001. Renae’s current customer base consists mostly of household chemical and nutraceutical companies. She quickly finds packaging solutions for her customers and keeps long-term professional relationships with them. 

A Friendly Face on Top of Expertise

Renae has spent over 20 years with MJS Packaging, easily forging long-term connections, filling gaps, providing constant care to her customers, and illuminating the notion that the workplace can be a place of trust and care among coworkers and customers. Not only does Renae share an office with Account Specialist Joyce Schaffer in Frankfort, IL, but they also share a close friendship. 

With such an expert-level cultivation of market knowledge and experience, we have found that Renae is excited and eager to help others grow in the field, essentially creating an accountable hub of knowledge for those within our organization. Renae is so comfortable with the chemical packaging field and its challenges that her true vision of success has become her being able to “help someone else succeed or grow.” She is a true company asset. 

Persistence at its Finest

Renae’s skill set continued to shine with a customer order challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. A customer Renae had previously worked with needed her to source truckloads of 5 different bottles, closures and sprayers. This kind of order isn’t typical on such short notice but was akin to other curveballs thrown our way throughout the pandemic. 

Renae laid awake at night thinking about this situation, and relentlessly pursued various manufacturing partners who could help resolve the situation. With her expertise and calm-natured personality, she handled the situation with grace and understanding. She found the right packaging solutions for the company in the nick of time. Additionally, due to the customer overordering, she continued to work out every nuance with our manufacturing partners to ensure a smooth process overall. 

None of this was an easy task, making this a true testament to her fantastic work ethic.

Get to Know More About Renae Vezina

The Chicago native is an avid fan of auto racing, including the NTT Indycar Series and the IMSA Sportscar Series, which she attends every year. Her dream is to attend a Formula 1 race in Italy.

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