With more than 30 years in the industry, MJS Packaging’s Joyce Schaffer is the epitome of a packaging professional. She has versatility in working with various industries, including pharmaceutical, household chemical and food, as well as familiarity in all aspects of the packaging process. Working in inventory management, freight, project management, new product development, and more has allowed Joyce to create satisfied, successful client relationships with MJS Packaging for 21 years. 

How Joyce Defines Success

Joyce Schaffer

Success for Joyce can be defined in many ways. It’s having a loving family and respectful, positive relationships with others. As an Inside Sales Specialist, her success is defined by the happiness she can share with clients when they’re satisfied with the end product. She’s not shy about solving some of the more complex problems that can occur during the process either.

“The work we do is important to the industries we serve because our job is to eliminate our customer’s pain and take the stress off of their shoulders,” she said. “This does not change from industry to industry. Our customers have high expectations and demands, and we face

these challenges every day. With the great team we have at MJS, we work together to achieve our customer’s needs as quickly as possible.”

Joyce acknowledges teamwork as a large part of her solutions-oriented, customer-success standpoint. Learning under the mentorship of former Vice President of MJS Packaging Tim King for the past 20 years has bestowed on Joyce the wisdom to tackle any packaging problem with a positive outlook.

Solving Packaging Problems

Even in the face of COVID-19 and beyond, Joyce has stepped up to face the challenges imposed by the pandemic. Normal lead times nearly quadrupled from 8-10 weeks before the pandemic, to now taking anywhere from 36-40 works in a worst-case scenario. Joyce has prioritized working with customers and vendors to ensure supply chain issues are mitigated at the forefront of any project.

“Planning has been difficult for our customers. With the knowledge and history, I have of the customers I work with, I have been able to communicate with them and advise (them) on when to place orders. I have also negotiated with vendors when necessary on pushing out production runs so we are not carrying too much inventory,” she said. “As long as we watch things carefully, we have been successful at moving orders.”

As an Apollo 13 movie fan, the film’s quote, “With all due respect sir, this is going to be our finest hour,” helps remind Joyce to avoid negativity in search of a positive customer outcome.

Get To Know More About Joyce

When Joyce isn’t living and breathing all things packaging or rewatching Apollo 13, she enjoys listening to the rock ‘n’ roll blues of Elvis Presley. Joyce admits she’s a bit young to have gotten on board the Elvis train when it first arrived, but she credits her aunt for turning her into a true fan. She also loves karaoke and can be heard singing a Motown song or two when she performs.

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