MJS Packaging Western Region Vice President, Tim King, has deep roots in the packaging industry.  During his years in the Consumer Package Labeling business, Tim worked with many Fortune 100 companies and developed close relationships with bottle manufacturers.  For more than 25 years in the label sector as well as with  MJS Packaging,  Tim’s experience has provided significant advantages for customers purchasing household chemical packaging, tube packaging, and much more.

Tim's Early Work with MJS Packaging

VP Tim King can help you with household chemical packaging and tubes

Before Tim became an integral part of the MJS Packaging team, he developed a rich experience and a network around packaging components including labels. Since label adhesives are very resin-specific, Tim had to possess extensive knowledge about bottles and work with many bottle manufacturers. This is where he impressed Marty Jacob and showed his potential value to the family business.

It wasn't long before Marty invited Tim to join the company and open the Chicago office. This office would be the start of many great firsts,  as Tim expanded his packaging world to include innovations with closures, sprayers, and tubes. From household chemical packaging to industrial products and more, Tim has made tremendous contributions to our customers’ success over his 22 years at MJS Packaging.

Leading in the Packaging Industry

To maximize his impact in the packaging industry, Tim has led by monitoring the market closely and developing new opportunities. He has observed some important trends during this time, too.  Many of them may be important to consider your product.

"There's a continued push for increased sustainability in packaging," King said. "Lightweighting packaging achieves savings and is better for the environment.  Additionally, maximizing 'billboard' space improves shelf presence and customer awareness. These are important aspects to consider in package development.”

However, Tim observes some less than positive trends occurring in today's market.

"If someone is new to packaging, they don't always take enough time to properly vet all the available options. They're moving too fast in an effort to meet marketplace demands. Any manufacturer can take on a single component, but they won't likely recognize the impact that component may have on others in the complete packaging solution. A customer needs to take time for testing and is really better off when they let MJS Packaging  manage the entire project."

Specifically speaking about tubes, Tim advises about the reality of lead times.

"Many times you need 10-12 weeks of lead time for an initial tube project and 8-10 weeks for reorders. There is very little stocking going on with tubes, but those that are stocked are better for projects with low minimums. However, most projects require a custom tube, which requires more time and typically a 25,000  minimum order quantity."

Over the years, Tim has seen how challenging it has become for a company to find a complete solution on their own. He notes hurdles like the consolidation in the manufacturing base in particular. However, he takes pride in helping others bridge the gaps that would stymie them otherwise.

Insight on Packaging Tubes And Household Chemical Packaging

Tim recalls a time when a key customer had challenges with getting the proper household chemical packaging from a competitor.  The customer was very dissatisfied with the low graphic quality on their custom tube. Tim suggested an improved, award-winning graphic quality that would revolutionize the category. This option was not without its barriers, as the process was quite complex.

"There was a sequential order to follow when creating this graphic," Tim explained. "I enjoyed guiding them through the many steps. From sizing the tube appropriately to developing the material specifications and testing, it was quite intensive, but we have one chance to get it right."

Preparedness comes in quite handy when new variables and complexities arise. In this instance, testing revealed the tube would require a custom dispensing head. This would add a new layer of complexity, but Tim ensured the rest of the process would go smoothly.

The tube material was targeted to be compatible with the customer’s product. An EVOH barrier was included to prevent leaching, and Tim worked with a design agency on the graphics. In the end, three different printing processes were applied to achieve the desired appearance of the label. Tim and the MJS Packaging team delivered a high-quality packaging solution that exceeded the customers' expectations.

"I love the opportunity to create excitement for a customer," Tim resounded. "It's a thrill to work with new projects and new products. We strive to go beyond what the customer thought was possible with their packaging."

Tim brings that energy to MJS Packaging and he shares it with those who turn to us for their packaging solutions. We're delighted to count him as someone who adds to our roster of leaders and we look forward to seeing how he brings his competitive spirit to benefit your product.

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