Cannibidiol is rising in popularity, but its commercial use is still a developing topic. From the ingredient itself to exploring how to go about packaging cannabidiol products, we are providing this guide to help answer your questions.

An Introduction to Cannabidiol

The Essential Guide to Packaging Cannabidiol ProductsMany manufacturers are utilizing cannabidiol (also known as CBD) as a key ingredient in consumer products. This includes a number of MJS Packaging customers. Since we have seen the subject trend quite a bit in our business, we are covering both the basics and the best practices of packaging it.

What is Cannabidiol? Cannabidiol is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, but don't let that scare you. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), cannabidiol is completely non-psychoactive. Instead, cannabidiol is showing significant potential for medicinal and health products.

What are the medicinal uses of cannabidiol? Among the many areas where cannabidiol shows potential, it is showing quite a bit of promise in the following areas. Most commonly, it is used as:

  • An anti-seizure medicine
  • An anti-inflammatory agent
  • An analgesic
  • An anti-tumor medicine.

Additionally, cannabidiol may also have uses for treating various forms of anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse.

How are beauty and personal care products using it? Beauty and personal care brands have influenced quite a boom of products containing cannabidiol. This is largely because cannabis has exhibited some powerful antioxident properties. When consumers use these products, they benefit most by absorbing these products directly through their skin and hair.

Packaging Cannabidiol Products

Although our packaging specialists have learned quite a bit about cannabidiol, we are not subject matter experts on the ingredient itself. However, with our primary focus on packaging, we are helping customers draw upon industry insight for their cannabidiol products.

While research and best practices in this area are still emerging, our team has an extensive history packaging personal care products, beauty products, and products for many other industries, too. Here are several factors to consider when packaging cannabidiol products:

Packaging Beauty and Personal Care Products. For beauty and personal care products, you have many of the same packaging choices as those without the ingredient. This includes airless pumps, tubes, jars, and much more.

Packaging Cannabidiol Oils. Typically, cool, dark places provide the best protection to oils. We strongly recommend helping protect them by using amber or other dark glass.

Locking in Freshness. When you want to ensure that your product has freshness locked in, consider double-walled jars. They provide a great barrier and we can help you utilize them easily and seamlessly.

Regulatory Considerations for Cannabidiol

Despite it coming from an unlikely source, cannabidiol is making a pretty good name for itself. However, it has its challenges as well. Largely, these hurdles relate to the legal landscape for cannabis and its derivatives.

Exclusion from dietary supplements. As of February 2017, the FDA excluded cannabidiol products from the dietary supplement definition. Because of this, businesses may not sell cannabidiol products across state lines if they are intended to be ingested.

Consider state laws, too. When it comes to packaging cannabidiol products, state laws matter. As just one example, some states require manufacturers to specifically disclose cannabidiol in a product. To satisfy this requirement, the label must clearly indicate the presence and the amount of the ingredient in the product.

In summary, depending on where you are selling or planning on selling your product, be sure to get familiarized with the state laws governing it.

Always consult with a legal and regulatory expert. From how you use the ingredient to how to properly label cannabidiol packaging, you will have many factors to consider. We strongly recommend getting individualized legal help so your business is not tripped up by variables, gray areas, or developing regulations. That is not just legal cover, either; we want your business to succeed. The industry has many dynamics and we know legal considerations are a critically important part of that.

Safely and Successfully Market Your Product

With solid regulatory advice and a consumer-ready product, you only need one more component to bring your product to market. Contact us today so you can have the safe, beautiful packaging your product needs to succeed!