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  1. Bottle Packaging

    6 Benefits of Moving From Glass to Plastic Containers

    Glass bottle packaging is close to our hearts because glass bottles are where we got our start. However...
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  2. Bottle Packaging

    Cool Ways to Get More Out of Heat Seal Liners

    When you know the fundamentals about closures and how heat seal liners can help optimize the way your product is...
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  3. Bottle Packaging

    When to Use a Heat Seal Liner

    There are many ways a heat seal liner can add value to your product and its packaging, but...
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  4. Bottle Packaging

    When to Consider Pressure Sensitive Liners

    If your product could benefit from the closure liner features and options we described in this previous article, we can help...
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  5. Bottle Packaging

    Spirits Bottle Closures Made Easy for Distilleries

    With this, the third in our series of posts about working with craft distilleries, we are thrilled to share...
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  6. Bottle Packaging

    Closure Liners, Unlined Caps, and Linerless Caps

    When searching for the right packaging components, it always helps to have a solid understanding of your options. This...
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  7. Container Decoration

    Packaging Components that Pop: Decorative Caps and Closures

    Much like the perfect choice of what to wear, your product will stand out more effectively when it...
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  8. Bottle Packaging

    How to Get an Edge with Craft Distillery Bottles & Packaging

    Between regulations, red tape, hiccups in the production process, and other potential complications, our packaging specialists are acutely...
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  9. Packaging Components

    Closures 101: All the Basics In One Place

    When it comes to packaging components, it's safe to say that closures always matter. Though many are first...
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  10. Bottle Packaging

    Your Guide to the Plastic Bottle Material Coding System

    Although we primarily wrote this guide to the plastic bottle material coding system for manufacturers who need to...
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  11. Packaging Manufacturing

    5 Ways to Beat Hidden Costs in Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Especially for anyone balancing their priorities, juggling multiple projects, and taking on increased responsibility, it can be a...
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  12. MJS Packaging

    Trend Watch: Time For Senior-Friendly Packaging

    In the next half century, there is going to be an incredible need to adopt senior-friendly packaging. These...
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  13. Packaging Manufacturing

    Get a World of Experience & a Global Packaging Advantage

    We live in an age where business is no longer bound by geographic parameters. In fact, through advancements...
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  14. MJS Packaging

    More Than 99 Beer Bottles on Our Wall

    At MJS Packaging, we know what it is like to be a start-up business. We also have extensive knowledge...
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  15. Packaging Components

    How to Absorb Moisture + More: Desiccants 101

    Often overlooked and promptly discarded (per the instructions, of course), small packaging components like desiccants can make a...
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  16. Container Decoration

    How to Make the Right Calls With Pressure Sensitive Labels

    There are many factors that go into choosing the right packaging decoration for your product, but few play as big a...
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  17. MJS Packaging

    Why Manufacturers Choose Flexible Packaging Solutions

    Since most consumers have realized how their lives are improved by a container option like flexible packaging solutions, utilizing...
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  18. MJS Packaging

    How to Find the Best Glass Spirits Bottle

    Detroit's very own Motor City Gas needed to find the best glass spirits bottle for their whiskey. They had...
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  19. Uncategorized

    Innovative and New Foam Dispensers

    After the last MJS Packaging post about foam dispensers, readers may have gotten the impression we get pretty pumped...
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  20. 3 Fundamentals for Child Safe Packaging
    MJS Packaging

    3 Fundamentals for Child Safe Packaging

    June is National Safety Month and when it comes to providing safety for children, this concept has evolved to extend far...
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