Pulling together the right resources for a custom glass bottles project can be a bit like trying to build a ship in a bottle -- full of tediousness and hard lessons to learn about how to make it work. Choosing such a container can give your product many advantages, but it can also involve a lot of guesswork and challenges if you haven't involved the right partner to make it happen.Easier Custom Glass Bottles For Your Product

The first challenge you may see with a custom project is maintaining the balance between seeing the big picture and making sure you don't lose sight of getting what you need for your product. With MJS Packaging, you'll have an experienced advocate to see your custom glass bottles through to completion. We'll put all the steps in the right order, use your input to manage the processes along the way, and leverage relationships we have built with only the most reputable manufacturers.

When looking at manufacturing your custom glass bottles, you may notice that it will likely be an international job. The simple truth is that there aren't many U.S. glass manufacturers around, so who can you trust to create what you need for a custom bottle with as few barriers, risks, and complications as possible? It's an important question, but not one that should stop you in your tracks. Since MJS Packaging has established an extensive global network built on experience and relationships with reliable, professional, and competent partners, you start out with an advantage.

Additionally, with the right arrangement in place, you may be able to choose a different company for the manufacture of the custom glass bottles after another company creates the mold. The company that creates your mold does not necessarily have to be the company to manufacturer your bottle, but it is essential for the two manufacturers to be compatible. MJS can help you locate a separate and compatible manufacturer for your bottles after your mold is created.

Last, but definitely not least, our specialists can help you identify the cost advantages of working with us and our network. For example, once a certain volume level is hit for your custom glass bottles order, we may be able to get the cost of the mold repaid. You may also be able to amortize the cost of the mold over millions of bottles, which can make a great deal of sense when you consider you now have a custom bottle. These and other cost savings may be at your fingertips with MJS Packaging helping you along the way.