April brings about thoughts of Spring rain and new growth. No wonder it's National Lawn & Garden Month, as our attention turns to cleaning, lawn cleanup, and a fresh start overall. Companies and blog writers everywhere are gearing up to inspire consumers, which means it’s high time to give your packaging a fresh look, as well!

awn and garden Believed to be the reflection of a homeowner’s personality, the DIY lawn and garden industry is in full bloom.

In addition to all the beautiful and lush green plant growth, there’s also another kind of growth happening in the lawn and garden industry. 74% of all U.S. households participated in lawn and garden activities in 2016, and the National Gardening Survey puts the DIY lawn and garden industry at an astounding $36.9 billion.

A 2015 study by Mintel found that people are spending more time on lawn care because an attractive lawn and garden increases the value of their homes. Consumers also believe that their lawn and garden are a reflection of their personalities, so they’re willing to put more love and care into it.

Millennials are leading the way in this industry growth, along with an overall increase in food gardening. The millennial generation touts an incredible $600 billion in annual purchasing power. If you aren’t capitalizing on those dollars, you’re undoubtedly missing out. For tips on how to design packaging that speaks to Millennials, read our blog, Packaging Designed for Millennials.

MJS Packaging Lawn & Garden Packaging Solutions

mjs trigger sprayer MJS Packaging trigger sprayers deliver a gentle mist to consumer’s most delicate plants. We also offer wide-reaching and full-coverage sprayers.

From flexible packaging solutions to finding the perfect scoop for your product, MJS Packaging has a number of products that benefit manufacturers of all lawn and garden products.

  1. Trigger Sprayers: Whether consumers need a gentle mist for their most delicate plants, or a wide-reaching full-coverage spray, MJS Packaging has trigger sprayers for every need.
  2. Flexible Packaging: From lawn fertilizer to touch-up grass seed, our flexible packaging options are a great fit for this market. Flexible pouches are a popular option, as they are clear, or have windowpanes, which allow consumers to see the product inside its packaging.
  3. Plastic containers: If flexible packaging isn’t an option for your product, MJS Packaging also offers handled plastic containers for liquid and granule storage.
  1. Scoops: From small measured scoops for plant and rose food to large scoops for seed, we have a solution for every size and need.Suggested Read: Everything You Need to Know About Scoops
  2. Dispensing Closures: If your product is dispensed through a shake, pump, or squeeze, MJS Packaging has dispensing closures that will work for you, as well.
mulch Choose the best lawn and garden packaging solutions in order to capitalize on a growing industry this spring.

Whether you require a stock or custom solution, MJS Packaging offers complete packaging solutions for consumers and manufacturers. We offer exceptional value for your packaging solutions investment and lead the industry in many of our product prices. Let us be your complete packaging solutions provider.