Although post-consumer resin has distinct advantages when it comes to availability, there is an emerging market for post industrial resin used for product packaging. On the supply side, we can trace this trend to advancements in recycling processes and increased buy-in worldwide from businesses providing plastic waste, but have you considered how post-industrial resin maybe something to utilize for your product packaging?

The Benefits of Post Industrial Resin

post industrial resin may be the best green option for your product packaging

While some post-industrial resin is not approved for use in packaging, we can help you identify clean and acceptable sources.

When considering these supplies of post-industrial resin you may see how:

  • The use of post-industrial resin means less plastic waste sent to landfills
  • Post-industrial resin not only decreases the need for raw materials but can also decrease the energy required to produce packaging materials
  • You can get post-industrial resin in compliance with California regulations (some of the most demanding in the country)
  • Can be a perfect fit for automotive, household chemical, and industrial products

Precautions with PIR

At its core, the post-industrial resin is a blend of recycled polypropylene resins and it is a material derived from other products. It is also a rather recent addition to the packaging materials scene. Because of this, there can be challenges with getting predictable materials in terms of quality and quantity. It’s also true how you may have a much easier time securing post-consumer resin through the many companies dedicated to that particular form.

In addition to these sourcing considerations, our packaging specialists can also help you determine if the following qualities of post-industrial resin are a match for your product:

  • Clarity/color consistency
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Grease/oil resistance
  • Resistance to acidity
  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • UV resistance

With our commitment to sustainable packaging innovation, we look forward to helping you get a win-win with packaging that is both environmentally friendly and economical for your business. Contact us today to explore if the post-industrial resin is the right fit for your product packaging.