If you’re looking for sustainable packaging solutions for your product, post consumer resin and similar materials may be a great fit. Be sure to know the basics and partner with MJS Packaging so your transition gives you every advantage.

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When looking at using post consumer resin, consumer demand can be a significant motivator. Consumers care about a company’s commitment to sustainability practices and it’s getting easier to do so by increasing the use of recycled materials. Additionally, with 30 billion bottles of water purchased every year in the U.S. alone and bottles getting recycled with greater community and corporate efforts, post consumer resin is more readily available as a packaging material. So the case has been made, but what about the challenges?

The first challenge you may notice with post consumer resin is how it discolors a white or natural bottle.  Additionally, there will be some variance in appearance from one bottle to another. However, with support from an experienced collaborator like MJS Packaging, we can help you get a better understanding of each challenge along with the solutions you need.

We see opportunities to drive consumer appeal, whether you decide to use a darker bottle to mitigate discoloration or get creative with labeling to showcase the percent of post consumer resin in the package. Although post consumer resin has traditionally increased the cost of the package, we have access to a growing list of material providers who can make cost considerations more manageable. With our global network and leveraged position as a top packaging solutions provider, we can help you take full advantage of the many options out there.

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Almost 25% of our customers told us they plan to increase the amount of sustainable packaging solutions they use within the next 12 months. It’s a great time for you to find out why this shift can be the right decision for your business, too.

At MJS Packaging, we look forward to advising you on what makes sense for your packaging, so you can get the most cost-efficient and sustainable options using post consumer resin or other materials.

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