When blazing new trails in an emerging market, you must take quality assurance and risk management to a whole new level. For the growing marijuana industry especially, cannabis containers should incorporate expert-level quality and safety measures. But you don't have to do it on your own -- MJS Packaging can help.

Cannabis Containers: Confidence in Packaging

Be confident and dispense safely with Cannabis Containers From MJS Packaging

Product integrity and product safety are essential elements for every packaging solution we offer. To preserve your product and provide it in a package that is safe for any consumer household, we have many components and design options suited for cannabis containers. With the objectives detailed below, our packaging solutions will generate consumer appeal and inspire confidence in your brand.

Keep kids out -  Defined as "design or construction that is significantly difficult for children under five years to open yet not difficult for normal adults to use properly," child-resistant features are among the many safety options available to you through MJS Packaging. With sizes ranging from 38-89mm, our packaging specialists will help you get the right child-resistant closures, protocol tested to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

Provide the right information to consumers - With years of experience working with customers in accordance with various rules and regulations, we can assist you with all aspects of product labeling. We can ensure your packaging provides the necessary information and meets design requirements, while also designing the container and decoration for optimized consumer appeal.

Extend shelf life - By utilizing continuous thread closures for your cannabis containers, you can seal in freshness and extend safe use dates. You can also choose from many sizes and colors to enhance the appearance of your product packaging.

Seal for integrity - We can help you find the right jars and vials featuring airtight, moisture resistant, and odor-proof seals, as well as resealable packaging options, too. For both small-and large-volume products, we can apply our experience to find the best cannabis containers for your consumers' needs.

Conceal and protect - Opacity is important for keeping products discrete and shielded from ultraviolet rays. Beyond the safety value of 100 percent opaque cannabis containers, customers can choose from a wide range of standard colors and design options. With MJS Packaging's access to a variety of jars and vials, your business can provide a discrete packaging option for consumers.

We're Here to Help

Get the leveraged experience and extensive portfolio of work you need from a company providing assistance to those who depend on safety and quality. From working with food and beverage companies to pharmaceuticals and expanding markets, like providers of e-cigarette liquids, you can count on us to source packages that meet and exceed safety standards.

We are ready to find the right solutions for your quality assurance and consumer safety needs. You'll also get the benefit of working with our helpful team of packaging specialists, who have practicality and efficiency in mind. If you're ready to take the next step with your cannabis containers, contact our team today.