MJS Packaging Values Community

Of our core values, "community" is perhaps the nearest and dearest to us. It has always been important to our company to be actively involved in the communities we serve. We prefer to give a hand up, not just a hand out. In addition to corporate giving, our team strives to spend time volunteering to better our communities. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the ways in which we're helping out in our community.

Ronald McDonald House Sponsor

MJS Packaging is a big sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House and Family Room in Detroit, but our love for the Ronald McDonald Houses doesn't end there. Our team in Chicago served lunch there earlier this fall, which we also do several times a year in Detroit.

Chicago Office RMH MJS Packaging Chicago volunteering for Ronald McDonald House

This year, several of our offices also pulled together and took time out of their lunch hours throughout the fall to make cozy fleece blankets for their local RMH.

Atlanta Office RMH blankets Atlanta
Livonia Office RMH blankets Livonia
NY Office RMHC blankets New York
Omaha Office RMH blankets Omaha

Supporting Our Veterans

We love our vets, and several employees have a passion for serving this often-overlooked segment of our population. One of our NY team members recently participated in a “Stand for a Veteran” ceremony to ensure this veteran had a proper funeral and send-off. When a veteran passes and does not have any family or friends left behind to attend their funeral, community members and volunteers step in to give our veterans proper goodbyes.

NY Vet Sendoff Standing for a veteran gives proper sendoffs to veterans with no family left behind.

Another one of our team members in Livonia is very active in her local American Legion Post. Over Thanksgiving weekend, she worked with several other members of the legion at the post to clean, patch, paint, and redecorate to improve the appearance of the post. That same weekend, this team member went up to the Great Lakes National Cemetery to place almost 400 wreaths on memorial graves in a section that her Auxiliary adopted a few years ago.

Livonia Vietnam Vets Memorial Wreath Our Livonia team’s sponsored wreath.

Additionally, MJS Packaging sponsored a wreath that was laid at the Moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall this summer. We are proud to continue to support those who have served our country.

Supporting Employee Health

We care about the health of all our employees and their families. Our team pulled together in 2018 when the young daughter of one employee was battling neuroblastoma. Victorious, their family was able to participate in honoring their physicians as part of the Hyundai Hope on Wheels donation of $500,000 to Mott's Children's Hospital earlier this year.

Livonia Hyundai Hope on Wheels Hyundai Hope on Wheels donated $500,000 to Mott's Children's Hospital earlier this year.

Our employees have also pulled together several times to send gift cards, Get Well Soon cards, flowers, and other gestures of support to employees when they’ve experienced medical challenges and other hardships.

Children in Our Community

Childhood development in our community is an initiative MJS Packaging is proud to support. Several employees in Livonia volunteered at a day care earlier this year as part of the Focus Hope volunteer program.

Livonia Focus Hope MJS Packaging employees participating in the Focus Hope volunteer program.

Some of our Nebraska office employees recently participated in a Diaper Drive to benefit homeless mothers at the Lydia House and needy mothers through Homeless Prevention Programs. Our team donated roughly 1,000 diapers to the event.

Nebraska Diaper Drive The Diaper Drive benefits homeless mothers, 50% of whom are victims of domestic violence.

In addition, our organization has a long history of supporting The Friendship Circle. Team members from our Livonia office participate in their annual walk every September.

Annual Friendship Walk Livonia employees participating in the annual Friendship Walk.

Executive Leadership

Our executive leaders get involved in their communities, too! For example, one of our Executives serves on several Boards, including New Horizons Rehabilitation Centers.

New Horizons Rehabilitation Centers New Horizons Rehabilitation Centers Executive Board.

Another Executive is a board member for the Plymouth, MI YMCA, which includes volunteering time and donations for certain events.

MJS Packaging Cares

MJS Packaging is more than just a provider of packaging solutions – we care deeply about our neighbors. Our company has a long history of serving the community, and this is something that will always be an essential part of our company. Visit this page to learn more about our community involvement.