We’ve previously talked about common packaging failures, such as bloating and paneling, but let’s talk about a solution that can save you time and money – vented liners.

Venting is a cost-effective approach that lets containers expand and contract to eliminate distortion. It is done by equalizing the pressure inside and outside the container. Venting offers a simple, environmentally-conscious solution to common packaging distortion failures.

How Do Vented Liners Work?

Vented liners, produced by M-Industries, allow containers to breathe, all while keeping the products secure. This type of closure prevents contents from leaking out and contaminants from entering in.

There are three components to the venting assembly: the membrane, the backer, and the liner.

  1. Membrane: A permeable material that allows two-way airflow that can be hydrophobic (water-repellant) or oleophobic (oil-repellant). The membrane regulates pressure while preventing liquid contents from leaking out. It also defers harmful contaminants, such as bacteria, dust, pet dander, and viruses, from entering in.

    Hydrophobic (top) and oleophobic (bottom) membrance materials ensure the contents of your packaging won’t escape.
  2. Backer: A rigid material that is heat bonded to the membrane. This can be woven or non-woven and is more porous than the membrane to ensure maximum airflow.
    The porous woven membrane layer allows maximum airflow to prevent packaging fails.
  3. Liner: This component can be comprised of foil, foam, or a combination of the two. To maintain product integrity and ensure permanent adhesion, it is critical for the membrane backer and liner to be chemically compatible with each other.

MJS Packaging’s Expert Opinion

Vented liners offer a cost-effective, environmentally-conscious way to let your containers breathe. They are also significantly less expensive than fluorinating a container, making them an overall great packaging solution. Partnering with the vented liner experts at M-Industries, we provide you with the very best in vented liners.

MJS Packaging Solutions

If your current packaging has issues with paneling and bloating, vented liners may be the perfect solution for maintaining your products’ integrity.

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