Many manufacturers already engage in or are exploring the option to sell their products via ecommerce. Transporting products, including liquids and chemicals, sometimes causes packaging failures. Sudden changes in temperature and/or altitude can cause packages to contract or expand. At best, your package’s aesthetics are compromised, and the worst, the package leaks or explodes. This can ruin a consumer’s experience with your product and brand overall, reducing your revenue and increasing product returns.

MJS Packaging provides insights on an important solution that may eliminate a number of packaging issues – vented liners.

Packaging Failures Explained

Packaging is all about aesthetics and functionality. It has to appeal to consumers while maintaining the product filled in it. But if not properly packaged, your packaging may malfunction and show signs of a failure, such as paneling, bloating, leaking, or bursting.

For instance, paneling occurs when the pressure inside a plastic bottle is lower than the ambient air pressure outside the bottle. The visual result is the bottle takes on a distorted shape. Any paper or shrink sleeve labels on it will pucker or wrinkle.

The following products can experience paneling:

  • Some cleaners
  • Certain enzymes
  • Bio-diesels
  • Products containing essential oils

Next is bloating, which is the opposite of paneling. This packaging failure happens when the pressure inside the container is higher than the ambient pressure outside the container.

The following products can experience bloating:

  • Super concentrated hydrogen peroxide
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Some vitamins and supplements
  • Cleaning agents

Solutions to Packaging Failures and Issues

Vented Liners Suitable for many products and containers, vented liners are available in various shapes and sizes to end packaging failures with your products.

Vented liners solve both paneling and bloating packaging failures. These liners are compatible with many closures, including continuous thread, CRCs, disc and snap tops. Vented liners enable the bottle to breathe, thereby equalizing the pressure inside and outside the bottle without leaking. These liners improve the safety of the product, prevent spillage and leakage, improve aesthetics and reduce returns. The liner sizes range from 24mm-63mm, but not all sizes between.

Vented liners offer a cost-effective way to meet ecommerce shipping requirements.

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