Deborah (Debbie) Ott has been a standout employee with MJS Packaging since starting back in September 2019. Working as an Account Manager for our New Jersey office, Debbie has a passion and dedication for helping customers and learning about the packaging industry.

Deborah Ott’s Start in the Packaging Industry

Upon graduation from college, Debbie started her career working with a folding carton manufacturer. She cemented herself in a key role within the company as their Director of Sales and Marketing.

Debbie primarily worked in the personal care, food and pharmaceutical industries. Her role allowed her to gain a range of experience from customer service to the creative processes. She learned much about structural design and creative services.

Deborah Ott, Account Manager at MJS Packaging in Livonia, Michigan

Her Career with MJS Packaging

During the 3-year period at her previous job, Debbie worked with Tony Saracino, a member of the MJS Packaging Sales Team. Tony was always impressed with Debbie and believed her skill set would be a perfect fit for MJS Packaging. He shared with her many of the benefits of being part of our organization.

With Tony’s encouragement, she then met with Ken Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Sales, who explained to her how MJS Packaging could utilize her passions and help her career grow. It was a perfect opportunity for Debbie to join the MJS team.

Her new role with us would allow her to learn more about the industry, broaden her overall product knowledge and gain experience on the distribution side. One of her favorite reasons for working for MJS Packaging is the amount of support and encouragement she receives throughout the company.

Debbie’s Experience with Business During COVID-19

Now with the MJS Packaging team for just over a year, Debbie had to learn and adapt to the impact that COVID-19  and the effects it had on the industry. As an Account Manager during a global pandemic, there were a lot of things Debbie made happen to ensure her customers were satisfied.

Speed has been absolutely crucial during the pandemic. If any time had been lost along the way during the planning or quoting stages, then lead-times could be lengthened, requiring even more time for deliverables.

Debbie faced these issues head-on when U.S. manufacturers couldn’t keep up with demand during the early stages of the pandemic. She was able to utilize the MJS Packaging global networks of suppliers to source viable solutions. By using all her resources, she was able to accommodate her customers’ needs and even keep several customers afloat.

Her Passion for the Packaging Industry

Working during a pandemic in her first year presented many challenges for Debbie. These could have easily discouraged her, but instead, these challenges allowed her passion to grow. Working has never stopped for Debbie during COVID-19. She is always there to help provide her customers with the essential products needed during this time.

Debbie has learned so much from her first year with MJS Packaging but knows there is still so much knowledge to gain.