What is more important than learning about prudent packaging safety methods, regulatory adherence, and how much details matter in the pharmaceutical industry? At MJS Packaging, we know the answer is found in having a leader like Ken Goldberg who excels at following through and helping customers pull it all together. He'll help you perfect your pharmaceutical packaging from every angle.

Here is Ken's story and how he found his place as a detail-oriented influencer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ken's Start with Packaging Solutions

Ken Goldberg Should be Your Pharmaceutical Industry ResourceOf the many strengths Ken brings to MJS Packaging, we have a particular appreciation for his lengthy experience working in the packaging industry. After graduating from college in 1984, he began to work in advertising. His client, J. Rabinowitz and Sons, was the preeminent packaging distributor in the northeastern United States. Ken was recruited to work in-house for his client and after just two years he was given an opportunity to move from marketing into field sales.  By1987, his performance in field sales brought even more opportunity.

Tasked with the responsibility of providing packaging solutions to one of his company's largest accounts, a company that owned over-the-counter and healthcare product brands including Slim-Fast and Cortizone 10, Ken came to realize his fondness for bringing greater attention to detail to his clients. Additionally, the requirement for regulatory approvals appealed to him as somewhere he could excel for his clients.

However, the pharmaceutical industry has its difficulties, too. Defined by the OTC and healthcare industry's strict standards and the organization structuring it all, many find it rigorous and intimidating. Ken responded differently though; he enjoyed the challenge! He diligently worked to find vendors who met or exceeded standards and he navigated his contacts, resources and the general industry's organization quite fluidly.

In 1990, he moved from metro New York to Baltimore to work for another distribution company handling their largest and most important client. This client was at the time, the largest liquid generic filler for pharmaceutical products in North America.  His experience fulfilling specific requirements helped him connect even more customers to the solutions they needed. As a result, Ken tripled his sales over 15 years, growing in providing packaging to companies in the pharmaceutical industry. When he came to MJS Packaging, his dedication to serving clients was a natural fit.

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Packaging

In the time Ken has gone from his initial start with packaging to his current role as Vice President of Sales for our Northeast Division, there have been a great many changes. And, as Ken can tell you, packaging demands for the pharmaceutical industry have also taken on some interesting adaptations in the past 10 years.

"On the product side, traditional packaging for ophthalmic and nasal products are still popular, but new products with new packaging requirements are making their way, too," Ken said. "Dissolve tabs, designed to help consumers more easily use their medication, are a perfect example of new pharmaceutical products needing a different set of packaging components."

As dissolve tabs and other types of products emerge in the pharmaceutical industry, Ken has stayed engaged with trends. Many times this means using market data to support leading the way and distinguishing a product with its packaging. Other times, it can mean allowing more time for development before fully taking a plunge into a new option with packaging. With insight like Ken's, more clients are able to put their product to market with optimized safety, regulatory-adherence, and shelf-appeal.

"Blister packs are one of several innovative options we are encouraging pharmaceutical industry customers to explore," Ken said. "For manufacturers, blister packs offer cost savings, source reduction, and reductions in warehousing and logistics. They also increase the billboard size for shelf message and regulatory information on the package."

With blister packs and other options allowing for optimized shelf messages and regulatory information, manufacturers can also put an emphasis on providing what is known as compliance packaging.

"This type of packaging makes it easy for the consumer to identify and dispense the correct dosage," Ken elaborates. "For instance, there might be two pills on a card to show the dosage is two. This makes it safer for the consumer and exceedingly compliant with regulations aimed at curbing improper dosage."

When done correctly and sourcing the right experts to help, these solutions are good for both company and consumer. In contrast, however, cutting corners should never be something you have to do.

"All too common, I see mistakes stemming from misperceiving a need to cut corners," Ken explained. "Not requiring full compliance, turning a blind eye to the quality of various components, not anticipating supply chain constraints, including lead times for components, raw materials and printed materials -- all are examples of poor decisions that will eventually catch up with you.  Innovation and detail-oriented work done upfront are always a better investment for your product.”

Getting an Unmatched Advantage

When the brand name equivalent of minoxidil was coming off patent, generics were looking for a way to enter the market. Ken saw how the product was essentially 99% water and 1% active ingredient so he knew it should be fairly inexpensive to formulate. Depending on the packaging, it could also be easy to fill. Typical of such ventures in the pharmaceutical industry, the challenging steps in between are where Ken's expertise came into play for the client.

In order for the generic to be a national brand equivalent (NBE), it had to be in child-resistant packaging and it had to offer multiple application methods. These methods were a bulb dropper assembly for a concentrated approach to trouble areas and a fine mist sprayer that could also accommodate an extender head to the sprayer for hard to reach spots. Neither was exceedingly difficult for Ken, but Ken wanted his client to have a distinct edge.

It came to light that all of Ken’s competitors, working with other generics, pursued the same suppliers being used by the national brand. This creates what we refer to as a “me too” package.  As many manufacturers went for the same supplier base, they outstripped the supply.  Ken found suppliers that were not currently engaged with the national brand and developed a completely custom, compliant package. Ken’s customer, enjoyed an uninterrupted supply chain and went on to win the primary share of the generic market.

Continued Service to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Just as so many have done over the years, you can count on Ken to bring his passion for problem-solving to your packaging needs. In his continued service to clients in the pharmaceutical industry, Ken is distinguished as he thrives on the details, keeps in the loop to source the right types of components to meet customer needs, and identifies solutions with optimized advantages in mind.

Whether or not you have already had the pleasure of working with Ken, we are proud to highlight his experience and ability to find packaging solutions that are cost-effective, compliant, and not constrained by supply.

If you are ready to talk about packaging and maybe even work with Ken for a great fit in the pharmaceutical industry, click below to contact us today!