It's not an easy or quick task to stay current with trends and insight on what makes packaging appeal to today's dynamic consumer preferences. This is especially true if you have not followed ongoing trends or combed through the latest articles about packaging design and concepts. Don't worry though: our packaging specialists have you covered so you can set the right moves into motion for your business.

Designs You Can Make Your Own

With the right packaging design, the rest of the new year can mean more opportunities fall into placeWith the New Year, there are many new opportunities and we are here to make sure you get the best edge possible. When it comes to what we've seen with specific packaging design elements, along with a wide range of overarching concepts, too, these four trends are definitely worth bringing to the forefront.

1.  The "Artisan" Look

Simply put, consumers are increasingly interested in "craft" products. The Pinterest-worthy, DIY psychology is setting in hard with many consumers and, even if they couldn't or wouldn't ever make a particular product themselves, they like to purchase a product with an authentic feel. This is true even if the product is mass-produced.

We can help your product achieve this with careful attention to the product's label. With many styles, approaches, and recommendations to choose from, you can get an artisan look that is just right.

2.  Increased Sustainability and Reusability Focus

In many cases, manufacturers have good reason to caution against the reuse of packaging, particularly if there are dangers to avoid. However, some brands have taken reusability and repurposing to the next level by creating a package consumers would happily (and safely) reuse.

We can help you weigh innovative ways to be eco-friendly and promote the reuse of your packaging. Our specialists are up to the challenge of helping you stand out so you can showcase the original brand and give the consumer a real sense of value and benefit to the larger cause of sustainability.

3.  Packaging Inspired by History and Vintage Appeal

Want to do a throwback? We've been around for 130 years, so it is safe to say that we were here for the original versions! From suggesting materials to providing you with a full array of decorating options, we can help you achieve a classic appeal with your packaging design.

4. Keeping it Simple

Uncluttered. Unembellished. No frills. Pure. Everyone recognizes an appealing, simpler packaging design when they see it, but there are more than a few techniques you can use to get the look. Whether it is in the material chosen, the shape of the container, the design choices made on the label, or some combination of variables, we can help with all of it.

Which Packaging Design Trend Inspires You?

Whether you will be keeping an eye out for the best examples of these or you are prompted to explore what we have to offer, we know you can benefit from considering these packaging design elements.  You don't have to wait to conceptualize and plan your next move with your product packaging. As we get rolling in the New Year, we are resolved to help you increase your shelf appeal and consumer satisfaction.

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