• Seeing Green With Post Industrial Resin

    Although post consumer resin has distinct advantages when it comes to availability, there is an emerging market for post industrial resin used for product packaging. On the supply side, we can trace this trend to advancements in recycling processes and increased buy-in worldwide from businesses providing plastic waste, but have you considered how post industrial resin may be something to utilize for your product packaging?

    The Benefits of Post Industrial Resin

    post industrial resin may be the best green option for your product packaging

    While some post industrial resin is not approved for use in packaging, we can help you identify clean and acceptable sources.

    When considering these supplies of post industrial resin you may see how:

    • The use of post industrial resin means less plastic waste sent to landfills
    • Post industrial resin not only decreases need for raw materials but it can also decrease the energy required to produce packaging materials
    • You can get post industrial resin in compliance with California regulations (some of the most demanding in the country)
    • Can be a perfect fit for automotive, household chemical, and industrial products

    Precautions with PIR

    At its core, post industrial resin is a blend of recycled polypropylene resins and it is a material derived from other products. It is also a rather recent addition to the packaging materials scene. Because of this, there can be challenges with getting predictable materials in terms of quality and quantity. It's also true how you may have a much easier time securing post consumer resin through the many companies dedicated to that particular form.

    In addition to these sourcing considerations, our packaging specialists can also help you determine if the following qualities of post industrial resin are a match for your product:

    • Clarity/color consistency
    • Oxygen barrier
    • Grease/oil resistance
    • Resistance to acidity
    • Flexibility
    • Impact resistance
    • Temperature resistance
    • UV resistance

    With our commitment to sustainable packaging innovation, we look forward to helping you get a win-win with packaging that is both environmentally friendly and economical for your business. Contact us today to explore if post industrial resin is the right fit for your product packaging.

  • Growing Opportunities with Cannabis Packaging

    It is an understatement to say there have been major changes in the cannabis market. Although legalized recreational use and sales have started in only a handful of states, the industry is projected to reach $3.5 billion in 2015. If you are a marijuana dispensary or another business driven by this opportunity, we have cannabis packaging expertise you won't want to ignore.

    Emerging Markets for Cannabis

    In recent years, it has Get all your cannabis packaging needs fulfilled by MJS Packaging.become clear with each referendum cycle and legislative session: the cannabis industry will continue to grow. So far, recreational use and sales are legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, while only recreational use has been given the green light within Washington, D.C. If nothing else, it is a strong start ripe with expanding opportunities.

    To increase the potency and specialized affects, botanical and agricultural concepts have been applied to the product's manufacture. These efforts are valuable as front end investment, but they will also need to be complemented by quality cannabis packaging for initiating and retaining consumer appeal.

    As the market continues to develop, you may be up against some very tough competition and some challenging regulations. Much like a long list of industries and businesses out there, your business can rely on MJS Packaging for leveraged expertise, buying power, and innovation.

    Stress-Free Cannabis Packaging

    You can count on MJS Packaging to consider your cannabis packaging from every important angle. We can help you find the right container, whether it is a vial, a jar, or something else. You can also get all the right features you need, from those enhancing aesthetic appeal to those that preserve freshness and enhance safety.

    Distinguishing ourselves with service to a number of emerging markets, we are proud of our long history and legacy of innovation. You can be sure that we will keep safety and risk management a top priority, too, as we assist in giving your product superior shelf appeal.

    Our experts at MJS Packaging are ready to help make your cannabis packaging process a smooth and enjoyable experience, so be sure to contact us today to get started!

  • Are You Missing Out on CRC Dispensing Options?

    Traditional child resistant closures (CRCs) have proven to be a perfect fit for pharmaceutical and health products, but that isn't the only place you will find them. With features that are easily applied to benefit a growing list of industries, are you missing out on opportunities to utilize the safety and appeal of CRC dispensing options?

    How MJS Packaging Expanded CRC Dispensing

    Although we initially marketed CRC dispensing options for OTC products and pharmaceuticals, we have worked closely with customers who needed the safety and practical appeal of these dispensers for their own products.

    CRC dispensing options are more than meets the eyeYou may notice how CRC dispensing packages are designed for precision use, have proven safety features, and come with a wide variety of additional options. These features provide an excellent match with lubricant and oil products, e-cigarette liquids, and food and beverage products, like those that dispense flavor.

    Even if they may not face the same government regulations as the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturers of these and many other products still want to ensure the safety of their product around all consumers.

    Trusted Safety Features

    Safety and usability with CRC dispensing packages is both subtle and substantial and each are key factors for our clients' success. Incorporating two-piece, push-down-and-turn closures, our CRC dispensing solutions have passed protocol with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In addition, all components are produced by qualified packaging manufacturers in cGMP compliant facilities.

    MJS Packaging's portfolio includes closures, tips and bottles in both the 15mm and 18mm size. Although these options are notable favorites in ophthalmic and nasal markets, they have potential for many other consumer and industrial uses as well.

    CRC Dispensing is More than Meets the Eye

    However you use our CRC dispensing solutions, you can always be sure they are top quality and meet all safety standards. As we employ our proven record of success with these packaging solutions and others, we look forward to helping you navigate the nuances of child resistant closures and demonstrating how CRC dispensing options are much more than meets the eye.

  • 4 Cool Reasons to Hot Fill Plastic Containers

    Are you ready to explore the potential for boosting your packaging return on investment? If you already know what hot fill packaging is and how hot filling technology works, our specialists are ready to help you take the next step, starting with these four cool reasons to use hot fill with plastic containers.

    Hot Fill Plastic Containers for Increased Safety

    With the hot fill process working to sterilize the product, hot fill packaging can provide you some sweet benefitscontainer, and its components, you can add another element of safety by using a plastic container made from material like PET. Whether you’re filling with salsa, spaghetti sauce, honey, or another product, a shatterproof option is sure to appeal to consumers with family-friendliness in mind.

    Increase Your Closure Options

    Typically, using a glass jar means using a metal closure. Although metal closures can be the best choice with certain projects, they can also be limiting in design and styling. Simply by changing to a hot-fill-compatible plastic, you can increase your closure options in a substantial way.

    Hot Fill for Material Cost Savings

    By using a plastic container made for the hot fill process, you can realize significant cost savings on your packaging materials. By leveraging the expertise of our packaging specialists, we can help you realize such savings with both the bottle or jar and the closures. As an additional point of emphasis, did we mention that the savings could be up to 30 percent?

    Save on Freight Costs

    When looking at industry data and crunching the numbers for those who use plastic containers made for the hot fill process, we also looked at freight.  Due to the weight difference between glass and plastic containers, we can fit up to 20% more product on a truckload when shipping plastic containers. As one of many ways we are working to save your money, this provides a great reason to take a serious look at plastic containers made for hot fill.

    Determine the Next Step

    Whether you still have questions or you are ready to start benefiting from these advantages, our packaging specialists are ready to assist with your company's need for hot fill options.

  • Before You DIY With Package Design

    From learning to cook like a gourmet chef to decorating your home like a pro, it is fashionable and rewarding to "do-it-yourself" (DIY) with many types of projects these days.  However, you only need to do a brief Google Search of "packaging fails" to see how DIY package design and packaging underestimations can be costly.

    DIYing your package design poorly can lead to a weak link in your business

    What you need in these instances is the right arrangement with a partner who aims for excellence and boosts your bottom line. At MJS Packaging, we do just that as we work carefully and methodically to identify and overcome package design perils, so you don't have to learn any lessons the hard way.

    Package Design That Goes to Work for You

    With MJS Packaging at your side, we can help you fix weak links and emphasize all of your strengths to consumers. Here's how.

    1. Purchasing power: Based on experience spanning three centuries of doing business in America and abroad, we have an extraordinary edge when it comes to long-standing relationships with suppliers. With all the business we have done with our suppliers over the years, we put our purchasing power to work for you as you get the package design you need in the most cost-efficient way. Unlike arrangements where it's just you working directly with a manufacturer (and sometimes against a manufacturer's inclinations), we ensure you're not treated differently by the size of your company and we make certain your needs stay in the forefront.

    2. Options: It is our pleasure to explore many options with you including variables in design, materials, cavitation, manufacturer locations and those that optimize freight and cost. Whether you need to tap into a global network of wide-ranging alternatives or you need help narrowing down to the perfect package design component, our specialists are ready to give you an edge. The selection we provide is expanding every day, too, so you can be confident you'll always have the power of choice.

    3. Efficiency: Time is money and, when you have to handle so many steps on your own, the cost of a package design project can build up quickly. However, we can shorten the supply chain loop and manage many parts of the process in a way that benefits your bottom line.

    4. Logistics: Domestically, you can count on our warehouses located around the country. We can manage your inventory in the location that makes the most sense for your business. And if the best solution is found in Canada or overseas, you'll have less to worry about as you won't have to navigate ever-fluctuating exchange rates, customs, language barriers, and freight time considerations. In either situation, we'll take the complexity out of the process.

    Boost and Complement All That You Do

    Your product packaging doesn't have to be a DIY dilemma costing you time, money, and good will with consumers. When you contact MJS Packaging, we can look at the whole picture, so you see benefits throughout the entire process along with profitable outcomes.

    Contact us today and let our expertise work for you!

  • 6 Big Reasons to Switch to Tube Packaging

    When it comes to attracting the eye of the consumer, protecting your product, and improving the bottom line, your best bet may be to look beyond traditional packaging. While bottles and jars dominate much of the packaging market, our experience and eye for innovation have led us to share six big reasons to consider tube packaging instead.

    With so many benefits, consider switching to tube packaging today!

    1. Consumer Convenience: Tubes are easy to store and stow, whether it is in a bag, a toolbox, or a cabinet around the house. Then, when it's time to use the product, tube packaging makes it incredibly easy to dispense: in most cases, a consumer can use just one hand to flip the top and squeeze.

    2. Product Integrity: With less guesswork for the consumer, tube packaging is cleaner and easier to use. Unlike a jar, you need not insert any fingers or utensils. This is good for the average consumer who doesn't want to get messy and for the protection of the ingredients, keeping it sanitary.

    3. Active Ingredient Protection: Using a protective barrier feature like aluminate laminate or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), you can keep a product's active ingredients from eating through packaging materials.

    4. Superior Package Decoration: We have received award-winning recognition for our work on decoration and design for tube packaging and we know there are great opportunities here for your products. There are excellent options for graphics and labeling, including the ability to utilize intricate designs, and we can help you stand out on the shelf. While we're at it, we can save you time and money with printing in line at time of manufacturing, using tube packaging to eliminate the need for a separate label.

    5. Cost Efficiency and Manufacturing Simplicity: It may seem like a novel idea, but unlike many other packaging solutions, tube packaging doesn't require separate consideration for closure components. Additionally, there is no need for a shelf display box, so shipping can be better optimized. Both of these advantages can provide great benefit to your bottom line.

    6. Wide-Ranging Application: Tubes are a great fit for a wide array of products, spanning several industries and viable for brands of all types. You will likely be seeing more tube packaging in a variety of places like:

    • Personal care items (Current examples: ointments and lubricants)
    • Health and beauty products (Current examples: body lotions and stand-up toothpaste tubes)
    • Food (Current examples: icing, condiments, and pastes)
    • Household items (Current examples: adhesives and fillers)
    • Pharmaceutical products

    It's also notable how access and ability to utilize tube packaging is not just limited to national brands -- tubes are a very viable solution for private label and store brands, too!

    Tube Packaging Has Even More to Offer

    If these advantages could give your product an edge or if you want to learn more, consult with MJS Packaging. Let us put our experts to work for you!

  • Bottle Packaging 101

    Bottle packaging speaks volumes about your product, so if you are just starting out with your business or ramping up for a new product launch, be sure to get the MJS Packaging advantage. With our guidance through each of the most important aspects of finding the right container, you can save time, save money, and stand out on the shelf.Bottle Packaging 101: know exactly where to start


    Appearance: Cents and Sensibility

    In order to find a starting point for striking the right balance between distinctive design, practicality, and the cost of bottle packaging, we always recommend spending time looking at other products on the shelf. In this way, you can get a better idea of what you like in terms of shape, look, and feel. It could be a jar, where the opening is generally the same diameter as the sides or it could be a traditional bottle with a neck and a smaller opening (and many more options from there). In either case, we can help you find budget-friendly options and apply the successes we've had through innovative shelf-appeal techniques.

    Compatibility: It's What's on the Inside That Counts

    From the beginning of the process to the end, getting suitable bottle packaging often comes down to giving the right consideration to the product you have to fill a container.

    We can help you cover each important variable, such as finding your preferred material, considering product temperature, planning for the right volume of product, and incorporating your preferred means of filling the containers.

    Caps: Sealing the Deal with the Right Closure

    With caps, the first thing to know is that all components are sold separately, so be sure to plan on obtaining a closure for your bottle packaging. You'll have many to choose from, as there are endless choices out there. We'll help you connect with our global network of suppliers and a wealth of expertise to help you identify compatible options.

    Once we leverage our experience in getting the right fit for the practical side of capping your bottle packaging, we can put the right resources to work so it all stands out. We can help make your bottle POP while at the same time making sure you have the right seal.

    Get More with Your Bottle Packaging

    If you are just getting started with your product packaging needs, don't do all the heavy lifting and research yourself -- get a quote from MJS Packaging or click below to get more information about our packaging options.

    Click here to learn more about how we help with bottle packaging and other options for your products.

  • 5 Fast Facts About ROPP Closures

    What do Smirnoff Vodka, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Johnny Walker, J&B Scotch, and Bailey's Liqueur all have in common?  The answer is less about alcohol and more about how they utilize roll on pilfer-proof closures (ROPP closures) with great success. As the exclusive packaging provider in the U.S. for ROPP closures from Alplast, supplier of closures to brands like those mentioned above, MJS Packaging can help you explore options with ROPP closures for any industry.

    ROPP closures for J&B ready for application ROPP closures for J&B ready for application.

    Based on our experience, we have some advice to share about how ROPP closures may benefit your product. Here are our top five facts to know:

    1. They are Widely Used for Good Reason: They have proven to be a reliable option for manufacturers of spirits, wine, and sparkling beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), but ROPP closures are a distinctive fit for all kinds of liquid refreshments.

    2. They Provide Results Beyond Beverages, Too: ROPP closures can be applied beyond beverage containers. In fact, one common way you may see them is for use with vinegars and oils, too. With our experience and focus on innovation, you can get the best guidance in the industry as you explore your options.

    3. They Are Built to be Tamper Evident: Inherent in their design, ROPP closures protect consumers, retailers, and manufacturers by making it hard to tamper with a product without someone noticing.

    4. They Provide a Cost-Effective Closure Alternative: Looking to replace or consider alternatives to cork or continuous thread caps of metal or plastic? ROPP closures are a viable option that may also save you money.

    5. They Can Help Your Product Stand Out on the Shelf: Since the design of ROPP closures provides more room for logos, graphics, and other design elements, this advantage is one of our favorite reasons behind helping manufacturers utilize this packaging option. With flat litho printing and rotary offset printing of up to four colors, we can help you maximize your ROPP closure to fit your branding.

    Take the Next Step With ROPP Closures Today

    Ready to take the next step? Click here to talk with one of our packaging specialists.

  • MJS Packaging's Post Consumer Resin Solutions

    If you're looking for sustainable packaging solutions for your product, post consumer resin and similar materials may be a great fit. Be sure to know the basics and partner with MJS Packaging so your transition gives you every advantage.

    Get your post consumer resin packaging solutions from MJS Packaging

    When looking at using post consumer resin, consumer demand can be a significant motivator. Consumers care about a company's commitment to sustainability practices and it's getting easier to do so by increasing the use of recycled materials. Additionally, with 30 billion bottles of water purchased every year in the U.S. alone and bottles getting recycled with greater community and corporate efforts, post consumer resin is more readily available as a packaging material. So the case has been made, but what about the challenges?

    The first challenge you may notice with post consumer resin is how it discolors a white or natural bottle.  Additionally, there will be some variance in appearance from one bottle to another. However, with support from an experienced collaborator like MJS Packaging, we can help you get a better understanding of each challenge along with the solutions you need.

    We see opportunities to drive consumer appeal, whether you decide to use a darker bottle to mitigate discoloration or get creative with labeling to showcase the percent of post consumer resin in the package. Although post consumer resin has traditionally increased the cost of the package, we have access to a growing list of material providers who can make cost considerations more manageable. With our global network and leveraged position as a top packaging solutions provider, we can help you take full advantage of the many options out there.

    Ask MJS About Post Consumer Resin

    Almost 25% of our customers told us they plan to increase the amount of sustainable packaging solutions they use within the next 12 months. It's a great time for you to find out why this shift can be the right decision for your business, too.

    At MJS Packaging, we look forward to advising you on what makes sense for your packaging, so you can get the most cost-efficient and sustainable options using post consumer resin or other materials.

    Contact us today to speak with one of our packaging specialists!

  • New Child Resistant Packaging Requirements

    Spring of 2015 means new child resistant packaging requirements for companies who manufacture ophthalmic and nasal products. But are you ready to meet the new safety standards in an efficient and cost-effective way?

    Child resistant packaging is a must for many products, especially health and medical products

    Commonly found in eye drops, nasal sprays, and other medications, imidazolines are the focus of new regulations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers will all be affected by this mandate for new child resistant packaging, but there are several ways to secure an advantage while complying.

    Given these new requirements, manufacturers will be the first to be affected as they are prohibited from filling a non-compliant package after the deadline. Retailers will have greater flexibility as they are permitted to exhaust existing inventory. Consumers will also feel the financial impact in 6-12 months as new product hits the shelf. So before manufacturing costs take their full effect, let us put our experience to work for you. We can navigate the necessary changes for your child resistant packaging and you can avoid any snags along the way.

    At MJS Packaging, we are proud to say we were the first to offer the 15mm and 18mm child resistant packaging options to the health, beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. Through our work in this area, we have developed a metered dose nasal pump that is child resistant and we are the only supplier with the total package solution. This means you can comply with the new standards and also get a metered dose nasal pump from the same manufacturer so it is perfectly engineered with the ideal form, fit and function for all components.

    Our metered dose nasal spray package incorporates a bottle and pump design with a ratchet finish and dual child resistant features. The pump overcap incorporates a squeeze-and-turn action and the pump piston will only engage when the pump is properly aligned using the visual cue.

    The MJS Packaging child resistant solution for ophthalmic and natural nasal spray offers great cost efficiencies. This solution allows manufacturers to use stock available bottles and tips with no neck ring changes and requires minimal modifications to the filling process.. Child resistant packaging compliance is achieved with a push down-and-turn action on a first to market design in the 15mm and 18mm size.

    Choose MJS for Your Child Resistant Packaging Needs

    As new regulations take effect, consumers may not know why they are seeing changes with their imidazoline products, but you can help them see value through opportunities with new packaging. MJS Packaging can help you stand out on the shelf, use forward-thinking containers that work reliably, and protect your bottom line.

    Contact us today to work with a specialist who will help you minimize these costs while providing the best solution.

  • BOLD Glass Bottles

    Your product deserves a container that sets it apart. The competition is tough and consumers are demanding more from a product in many different ways. Luckily, MJS Packaging's solutions for BOLD glass bottles can give you a variety of advantages.

    Color OptionsBOLD glass bottles

    What color can't be done with our glass bottles?

    The one you don't try.

    Our global network of resources can help you find just the right color glass bottles to fit your brand and product. With our focus on innovation, color options are just the beginning for packaging your product.

    Extraordinary Design

    From handles that make your glass bottles easier to carry to embossing with your name or logo to give your brand a distinguished permanence, we can help you find that extraordinary design that gives you maximum shelf appeal. We have access to a variety of shapes that can help your product get the attention it deserves. Tailor it to meet a number of goals, from aesthetic to functional, and, if you want something truly different, we can even help you obtain a custom glass bottles solution for your product.

    Caps / Closures

    We have caps and closures to fit every need and we have the resources to help you identify the right cap and closure design for your product, whether it is child resistant, tamper evident, cork, dispensing, or something else. We'll help you find the right design and the right fit so your glass bottles are optimized from top to bottom and our specialists will help you with technical details like closure application torque so your product performs properly in the field.

    Get More Information Today

    We want your product to be more than the sum of its parts.  This kind of synergy only comes when each aspect of your glass bottles project is designed as it needs to be and is produced on a timeline that heightens your ability to reach consumers.

    To learn more about how MJS Packaging can help you get the right container for your product, we invite you to contact one of our specialists today at 800.915.2262.

  • Your Packaging Deserves the Best Customer Service

    Getting the right packaging solution is not always easy, but it can be pain-free when your company has a reliable partner like MJS Packaging. Our courteous staff will provide the best customer service you can find and will ensure proper management of every aspect like a well-oiled machine.

    It's no secret that if you Like a well-oiled machine, MJS Packaging has the best customer service for your packaging needslook around, you can see how the importance of service is too often forgotten in the marketplace today. Though you may find some consumer-facing businesses like Nordstrom and Zappo's providing shining examples, such service is hard to come by in the business-to-business realm of the packaging industry. Many larger manufacturers and distributors have even shifted focus to big customers and away from others. Enter MJS Packaging, where we are tuned for responsiveness and business of any size is valued.

    In spite of thinner margins throughout the industry, we have committed to staying true to our values: providing passion, performance, and service. A recent survey revealed how we have continued to rank highly with our customers for providing the best customer service and response times. While consolidation has affected much of the packaging industry, you can still rely on MJS Packaging for top-notch, pain-free assistance.

    For us, it starts with approaching all business with a solution-oriented attitude and the mechanisms to leverage the advantages we have developed. In this way, we are able to help you work through any troubles, including:

    • planning shortfalls and the need for short turn-around times, resulting in freight issues or elevated costs
    • quality issues disrupting the setup, filling, or shipping process
    • inconsistency with freight availability, limitations, and cost,  causing harm to ROI

    Without the right industry partner, these pain points can really knock a project off course, but we provide the best customer service by helping businesses work through each challenge. With well over 100 years of experience, we help you avoid planning and timing problems. And if it's a quality problem, we can search for an optimized version of the product at a different manufacturer. Or, we can suggest tweaks to the product or manufacturing process to improve the quality of the final product. We can also utilize our global network of resources to find the right solution, which can even help sort through freight variables and cost considerations.

    We are focused on ROI, so as pain points arise, we know that at the end of the day it is all about resolving them with minimal impact on productivity.

    We are Dedicated to Providing Your Best Customer Service Experience

    With MJS Packaging at your side, not only can you count on us for efficiency and innovation, but you have our commitment to delivering superior customer service to keep your packaging solutions running smoothly.

    Start your packaging project with the best customer service team in the business -- contact us today at 800.915.2262 or by clicking here.

  • Get On-the-Go With Flexible Packaging

    Packaging Digest recently ran an article titled "5 Critical Packaging Trends for 2015" and, with innovation close to heart for our team at MJS Packaging, we knew one of those critical trends about flexible packaging contained something we take much pride in: simplifying lives.

    Designed for the on-the-go lives of so many consumers, there are many reasons why flexible packaging is the perfect fit for the market -- and also for manufacturing of your productFlexible packaging helps consumers and your business get on-the-go

    Right from the start, you may notice how the convenience and reusability of flexible packaging is hard to match. From practical closures like zip seals and spouts to venting and transparency options, consumers are crying for more convenience as it simplifies life. There is even interesting evidence to support simplification of details so you can enjoy greater quality of life and better decision-making capacity. You, too, can have more convenience and simplicity for your product as you aim to get it in front of consumers who will respond positively. Suffice it to say, the benefits of flexible packaging are growing exponentially.

    Going hand-in-hand with convenience, consumers can enjoy several advantages with flexible packaging including sizing options versatile enough for both smaller retailers and larger club stores. On-the-go pouches, for example, are essential to standing out to busy consumers. And for your business, you can get return on investment from both the package manufacture itself and the results of using such packaging, where it is easy to increase packaging weight without needing large increases to the packaging footprint. From there, your business has opportunities for further cost-savings with manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping efficiencies.

    Get the Edge You Need With Flexible Packaging

    The potential for cost-savings makes it hard to overstate the opportunities for reinvestment as well. Since flexible packaging is so versatile, the customizability of flexible packaging is almost limitless, including countless possibilities with design and graphics -- even for nonperishable items. You can stand out even more from the competition as you explore creativity with sizes, shapes, and features for increased appeal.

    Coupled with additional advantages like extended shelf life and sustainability attributes, flexible packaging solutions can give you an incredible edge. Contact MJS Packaging today to leverage our experience and successes with flexible packaging solutions.

  • Private Label Packaging Solutions

    Private label brands and store brands are growing with no slowdown in sight. So if you want an even bigger part of the market share with increased profitability, can you afford not to explore the best private label packaging solutions for your product?

    Private Label Packaging Solutions

    With private label packaging, consumers are seeing a number of reasons to make a switch away from national brands. Chief among them are the trends that prices are hitting a sweet spot (while providing an average of 10% higher margins than national brands) and product offerings are growing more diverse and suitable in terms of quality, taste, and packaging. This even has emerging markets, like those who identify as millennials, growing loyal. With each day bringing 10,000 millennial moms giving birth, you have a chance to make a long-lasting positive impression by choosing packaging that has great value and reliable quality you can trust.

    Get Consumer Consideration And More

    One of the biggest initial questions you must ask is what you want the package to say about your product. Do you want it to say "me, too", where a consumer sees your product near the national brand and immediately thinks it looks familiar enough and comparable enough to something they would try? Do you want a completely unique package? Or do you want something in between for your private label packaging? Consider exploring these questions and more with a packaging specialist.

    Get Both Aesthetic And Practical Design

    When developing packaging solutions, there can be a daunting amount of practical planning work involved with getting it right.  MJS Packaging's specialists know how to help you find the possibilities while steering clear of the pitfalls that can arise with creating your packaging design and our experienced team can navigate the variables involved. Whether it is gathering information about manufacturing or machine restrictions, optimizing compatibility with existing equipment and compatibility between the contents of the package and the material chosen for the package itself, or many other areas of capability or concern, you can lean on us for the right solution.

    Beyond the practical considerations of your packaging, there are many aesthetic options that you have available to you as well. A consumer will see the silhouette of your product packaging and immediately look at details like colors, fonts, and images, so consider the key factors in package decoration. As the consumer recognizes the product or brand, many private label brands aim to be the "national brand equivalent", so consider how much you want the consumer to differentiate and how you can stay above the legal fray.

    With MJS Packaging's rich innovative history, we can help you work through both the aesthetic and practical decisions.

    Get Cost Effective Options

    Many consumers try private label brands or store brands because they see a price that is right for them, so we recognize how important it is to keep your product as cost-effective as possible. But we don't just aim to help you offer consumers a lower price than the national brand equivalent; we aim to help you increase profitability. Even with higher-end products, our specialists can help you source your private label packaging components effectively, manufacture them efficiently, and avoid any costly mistakes.

    Get An Ideal Partner For Private Label Packaging

    Our extensive experience in packaging enables us to be the ideal partner for private label and store brands. We understand the balance of differentiating and assimilating to the national brand equivalent.  It's a balancing act and MJS can help keep things in check.

  • Easier Custom Glass Bottles For Your Product

    Pulling together the right resources for a custom glass bottles project can be a bit like trying to build a ship in a bottle -- full of tediousness and hard lessons to learn about how to make it work. Choosing such a container can give your product many advantages, but it can also involve a lot of guesswork and challenges if you haven't involved the right partner to make it happen.Easier Custom Glass Bottles For Your Product

    The first challenge you may see with a custom project is maintaining the balance between seeing the big picture and making sure you don't lose sight of getting what you need for your product. With MJS Packaging, you'll have an experienced advocate to see your custom glass bottles through to completion. We'll put all the steps in the right order, use your input to manage the processes along the way, and leverage relationships we have built with only the most reputable manufacturers.

    When looking at manufacturing your custom glass bottles, you may notice that it will likely be an international job. The simple truth is that there aren't many U.S. glass manufacturers around, so who can you trust to create what you need for a custom bottle with as few barriers, risks, and complications as possible? It's an important question, but not one that should stop you in your tracks. Since MJS Packaging has established an extensive global network built on experience and relationships with reliable, professional, and competent partners, you start out with an advantage.

    Additionally, with the right arrangement in place, you may be able to choose a different company for the manufacture of the custom glass bottles after another company creates the mold. The company that creates your mold does not necessarily have to be the company to manufacturer your bottle, but it is essential for the two manufacturers to be compatible. MJS can help you locate a separate and compatible manufacturer for your bottles after your mold is created.

    Last, but definitely not least, our specialists can help you identify the cost advantages of working with us and our network. For example, once a certain volume level is hit for your custom glass bottles order, we may be able to get the cost of the mold repaid. You may also be able to amortize the cost of the mold over millions of bottles, which can make a great deal of sense when you consider you now have a custom bottle. These and other cost savings may be at your fingertips with MJS Packaging helping you along the way.

  • The Case for Using Plastic Dispensing Pumps

    Packaging is critically important  when it comes to getting your product off the shelf and into the hands of your consumer. Many products today are well suited for being sold in bottles with dispensing pumps. This kind of packaging can help boost sales for the right products, serving as a more functional alternative to other forms of packaging. Some products that are good to be sold in dispensing packages are:
    • Lotions
    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Hand soaps
    • Body wash
    • Cleaning products
    • Sauces

    Dispensing pumps are perfect for these kinds of products because they are very efficient and very clean. Sometimes these kinds of products are offered in tubes or bottles without dispensers. This can be tedious for the consumer because the product will often squirt or splash when squeezed, making a mess at the top of the container, bottle, or tube. Nobody likes putting a tube of lotion in their bag only to fear the product will leak.

    Additionally, when jars or bottles are used for these kinds of products without a dispenser, air gets into the package, and sometimes bacteria or microorganisms along with it. Over time, this can contaminate the product and cause it to lose its fragrance or potency. With a dispenser, the consumer can be sure that the last "pump" will be as fragrant as the first. For these reasons, using dispensers for these kinds of products can often boost sales and give your product an advantage over the competitors next to it on the shelf.

    Different Kinds of Dispensers
    Most dispensing pumps do essentially the same thing - squirt a small amount of the contents with a pump of the finger or palm. But they come in different sizes and dispense different amounts of content:
    • Dispense between 3 and 30 ml of liquid
    • Lockable dispensers for avoiding mess or for travel
    • Various colors and shapes to suit your product
    • Plastic for disposable containers
    • Hammered metal, marble, or crystal for reusable containers

    MJS Packaging for Your Dispensing Pump Needs
    MJS Packaging works with the very best dispensing pump manufacturers. We have been in the packaging business for over a century and know how and where to get high quality, cost-effective packaging because we have access to the best manufacturers around the nation and the world. Let us make the process of finding the right dispensing pumps and packaging for your product as easy as a phone call.

    To speak to one of our specialists about your dispensing pump needs, please contact us at 800.915.2262.

  • Custom Packaging Solutions to Help Your Branding

    In today's marketplace, having a high quality product is only half the battle when it comes to sales. If your product doesn't look good on the shelf, and if it doesn't stand out among the hundreds of competitors lining the shelves along with it, it won't be successful. You need to create a design for your packaging that is unique and attractive, and it needs to come in a material that is safe and efficient while still being cost-effective for you and your end consumer. MJS Packaging is the company to call to help your products get off the shelf without spending more than you should.

    The Importance of Packaging Design

    The trick in packaging design is not just to create something that is unique and bright. The key is to create a design that is unique, attractive, and most importantly, easily identifiable without having to fully read the label. You want to create a color combination and design that will cause consumers to immediately identify your product.

    Consider the Snickers bar, for example. When you see it from across the store, from too far away to be able to read the label, you still know it’s a Snickers bar. The famous brown package with bright blue and white letters is instantly identifiable from a distance, and the combination of these colors is almost sure to invoke images of the Snickers bar in our minds. This is the type of packaging you want for you product. You want consumers to walk down an aisle and immediately be able to identify your package among the plethora of competitors that surround it.

    How MJS Packaging Can Help
    At MJS Packaging, we review your product and what kind of packaging requirements your product may have. We want to help you optimize your efficiencies to increase your ROI. If it’s a custom package you want, we are well quipped to steer you in the right direction. Working with MJS Packaging for your custom packaging ensures the following:
    • Your packaging will be designed by the very best in the world
    • Your products will come in the right materials to keep them safe and free of contamination
    • The materials and packaging you use will be the most cost effective and of the highest quality possible
    • You'll be able to continue focusing on your own business rather than having to search for the right manufacturer
    • You'll be guided through the process of selecting packaging without having to do any research yourself
    • You'll see greater ROI results than if you had chosen to handle your packaging alone
    MJS Packaging has been in business for over a centur helping companies like yours get their product noticed by consumers. Because of our extensive experience and expertise, we know exactly what materials and packaging should be used for each product and where to find the best manufacturers and prices possible.

    To speak to one of our specialists about custom packaging solutions, call 800.915.2262.

  • Glass Jars - Do You Need Custom or Stock?

    While plastic may be the best choice for some companies, there are some products that can only be packaged in glass, and the reality is that glass tends to boost sales. It is attractive and stylish, easily molded into any shape or form and environmentally advantageous. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons glass will boost your sales and give the product the best chance of being noticed among the many competitors on the shelves.

    The Benefits of Using Glass

    Among the many benefits of using glass jars for your products are:
    • Glass is elegant and stylish. Some people buy products in glass jars simply because they want the jar itself. While few people reuse plastic bottles or jars for their aesthetic appeal, some people do so with glass jars and bottles for a variety of other purposes.
    • Glass is reusable and recyclable. Glass can be reused for making jellies and jams, as drinking glasses, or for candles. Glass can also be recycled and infinite number of times, posing no threat to the environment and making it very appealing in today’s environment-conscious culture.
    • Glass adds to product visibility. Glass has a certain gleam and shine to it that plastic doesn't, making it stand out on the shelf. Glass offers wonderful transparency to the contents of your package, making your product the star.
    • Glass has superior barrier properties. Glass is non-porous, making it a safer material to use than plastic. Consumers can be sure that nothing is getting in or out of the package and nothing is leaking into the product as it can with certain types of plastic when it is exposed to excessive sunlight.
    • Glass can be hot filled. Hot filling is the process of heating the product (if it is a liquid, such as a drink or a spread) to a high temperature, filling the jar with it, capping it, laying it on its side or upside down, and finally rapidly cooling it. This process kills whatever bacteria or microorganisms might be in the product, ensuring product safety and extending product shelf life. Glass is a safe material for hot filling as it can withstand extreme temperatures without deforming or leaching.

    Call MJS Packaging for All Your Glass Jar Needs

    MJS offers competitive prices and works with the best manufacturing companies in the world. We can find the very best glass jars and can help with innovative design, shape, and labeling of your product. We've been helping companies like yours with the best, most eye-catching packaging for their products for decades. To speak to one of our specialists about your glass jar needs, please contact us at 800.915.2262.

  • The Importance of Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Eco-friendly packaging has become essential in today's culture. More people than ever have become conscious of and concerned for the deteriorating environment. For many, eco-friendly is not an option but a requirement for a product to even be considered, and this growing demographic should not be ignored. Additionally, there are now many government regulations concerning eco-friendly products and packaging, making it no longer a question of preference.

    How Green Are You?

    It is important to know your company’s position on eco-friendly packaging. There is a wide spectrum of options with varying degrees of impact to the environment. Once your “green” identity is established, you can reflect this in your packaging choices.

    The Benefits of Going Green

    The key benefits of choosing eco-friendly packaging will ultimately be customer loyalty and increased sales. It is not enough to "go green" for the sole purpose of staying relevant and retaining business. But if consumers see your commitment to the environment, and if that comes through in your packaging and product presentation, you will earn a degree of loyalty from consumers. If you can become known for truly caring for the environment, your sales will reflect that.

    The Problems with Eco Friendly Packaging

    There are some issues to consider before making the decision to transition to using eco-friendly packaging. This is particularly the case if you are in the food industry or if your packaging process involves glues, adhesives or other liquids that could contaminate the product or the equipment used to manufacture new packaging. Glues, adhesives, and certain kinds of tape that are often used on some packaging can cause similar issues. Materials and used packaging that is sent to be recycled need to be completely free of any contaminants in order to be successfully reused.

    Eco-Friendly Material for Your Packaging

    Here’s a guide to eco-friendly packaging materials and their identification codes:

    • PET - One material to consider is recycled plastic. Recycled plastics such as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET (also known as RPET), are made from previously recycled plastic bottles. It's more practical than many other plastics because of its high resin value. Bottled water, juice, and carbonated soft drinks almost exclusively use PET. Its resin identification code of 1 makes it the most recyclable of plastics.
    • HDPE - High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, is used on milk jugs, shampoo, and detergent bottles. It doesn't leach and is widely accepted and easily recycled.
    • LDPE - Low-density polyethylene - This is used in most plastic shopping bags, some cling wraps, some baby bottles, and reusable drink and food containers. It does not leach and is recyclable.
    • PP - Polypropylene - This can be found in some baby bottles, yogurt tubs, deli take-out containers, and a large number of reusable food and drink containers. It hasn't been found to leach and is recyclable.
    • PS - Polystyrene is used in egg containers and take-out food containers. It has been found to leach styrene, which is a neurotoxin and potential carcinogen, to the point that it has been banned by several major U.S. cities. Some recycling centers still do take it.
    • Any other materials - This can be any combination of plastics. Any of the above plastics mixed with an additive or barrier plastic can enhance the properties of the final container. This category can also include PC, or polycarbonate, which has been found to leach biphenyl A, a known hormone disruptor that mimics estrogen.

    Choosing the right eco-friendly packaging for your products can be quite difficult and confusing but is vital to your reputation with your customers. MJS Packaging offers the best customer service for all of your product packaging needs.

    To speak to one of our specialists about your eco-friendly packaging options, please contact us at 800.915.2262.

  • How Does Hot Filling Technology Work?

    Hot filling is the process of sterilizing the product and inside of a bottle or container and cap or closure in order to ensure the safety of the product and prolong its shelf life. Without hot filling, harmful bacteria in the bottle or liquid could damage or contaminate the product, making it unsafe to consume or causing it to go bad before it should. This process will allow for a longer shelf life, resulting in fewer discarded products.

    Hot filling can be done with glass or certain types of tough plastics that can withstand the high temperatures needed to thoroughly sterilize the bottle. It is typically used for bottles containing <4.5pH products such as:

    • Juices
    • Nectars
    • Soups
    • Spreads
    • Flavored waters
    • Isotonic drinks
    • Vegetable drinks
    • Marinades

    How Hot Filling Technology Works

    Hot filling can be done with glass or some plastics. A liquid is heated to a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit to remove any harmful bacteria or microorganisms which may be in the product. The heated fluid is then put into the bottle, the bottle is capped, and then it is turned on its side or upside down to ensure the cap is sterilized properly as well. Finally, the bottle and product are rapidly cooled. This process must be done carefully as even a slight drop in temperature before the right time can result in improper sterilization and an unsafe product.

    What Kind of Bottles to Use

    While glass bottles have traditionally been used for hot filling, PET bottles can withstand the heat involved with hot filling without collapsing or becoming deformed. These bottles are growing in popularity because plastic is generally less expensive than glass.

    The Benefits of Hot Filling with PET Bottles

    There are many benefits to using the hot filling process with PET bottles to ensure the safety of your product. Among them are the following:

    • Consumers can consistently trust the safety of your product
    • Your products have a longer shelf life
    • No preservatives will be needed - the product remains as natural as possible
    • PET bottles are light weight and easier to transport than glass
    • PET bottles are more cost effective than glass
    • Taste, vitamins, and nutrients are preserved with this process

    Come to MJS Packaging for all your packaging needs. We can guide you in the process of choosing the right packaging, bottles, or containers for your product, and can help you make the right choice when it comes to hot filling. We will also advise you about what kind of bottles to use to keep your products safe while staying within your budget.

    To speak to one of our specialists about your hot filling needs, please contact us at 800.915.2262.

  • Packaging Solutions for Common Household Cleaning Products

    Manufacturers of common household cleaning products seek packaging for their products that suits a variety of needs: child resistant; environmentally friendly; cost-effective; light weight for easy transportation; and aesthetically attractive. Plastic bottles and containers, which are available in many different kinds of plastic, have been and continue to be the most popular option to meet all of these needs.

    Child Safe
    If your product contains materials potentially harmful to children, you should consider child resistant packaging. There are many options for child-resistant closures to satisfy concerns for child safety while still being friendly for all adults, including seniors.

    Environmentally Friendly
    Today, it has become increasingly important to use recyclable materials, helping to maintain a good relationship with the public and keeping loyal customers. It may seem like a small thing, but when a customer sees the recycle symbol on a container, it helps them to feel good about purchasing it. This is one reason why many manufacturers continue to use plastic for their containers.

    Cost Effective
    Plastic containers can be inexpensive to manufacture, but the cost benefits don’t end there. Plastic also reduces freight costs, as it is less costly to ship than glass or metal. Due to its cost effectiveness, plastic has been the most popular material used for bottles and containers over the last thirty years.

    Attractive Packaging
    Finally, plastic is easy and efficient to shape and mold into attractive shapes for your packaging. The aesthetic appeal of your product is key to a strong shelf presence and helps drive the purchase of your product. Packaging design cannot be neglected, and using plastic can often be the most cost-effective way to get creative with design.

    Best Kind of Plastic for Cleaning Products
    High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is commonly used for detergent and similar products. It is a tough plastic, able to resist UV penetration, able to withstand extreme temperatures, and is a non-leaching translucent plastic. It is perfect for products that contain strong chemicals, as many common household cleaning products do, such as detergents, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners.

    MJS Packaging is ready to assist with all your packaging needs. We can connect you with the very best manufacturers in the nation and around the world. We make the packaging process simple and easy, handling everything from manufacturing, to transport, to packaging design.
    To speak to one of our specialists about packaging for your household cleaning products, please contact us at 800.915.2262.

  • How To Find Plastic Dispensing Pumps in Bulk

    How To Find Plastic Dispensing Pumps in Bulk

    Packing is of the utmost importance when it comes to getting your product off the shelves. It may be a high quality product, but if its not in the right packaging, it won't matter. Many products today are well suited for being sold in bottles with dispensing pumps. This kind of packaging can help sales for the right products, such as lotions, which sometimes come in other types of packaging that can prove tedious when used. Some products that are good to be sold in dispensing packages are:

    Dispensing Pumps

    • Medicated skin care products
    • Lotions
    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Hand soaps
    • Sauces
    • Body wash
    • Shower gels
    • Creams
    • Face wash
    • Cleaning products
    • And more

    These and others are perfect for dispensing pumps because they are very efficient and very clean. Sometimes these kinds of products are offered in tubes or bottles without dispensers. This can be tedious for the consumer because the product will often squirt or splash when squeezed, making a mess at the top of the container, bottle, tube. Nobody likes putting a tube of lotion in their bag knowing it's going to get other items covered in a film of lotion.

    Additionally, when jars or bottles are used for these kinds of products without a dispenser, air gets into the package, and sometimes bacteria or micro organisms along with it. Over time, this can contaminate the product and cause it to lose its fragrance or potency. With a dispenser, the consumer can be sure that the last "pump" will be as fragrant as the first. For these reasons, using dispensers for these kind of products can often boost sales and give your product an advantage over the competitors next to it in the isle.

    Different Kinds of Dispensers

    Most dispensing pumps do essentially the same thing - squirt a small amount of content with a pump of the finger of palm. But they come in different sizes and dispense different amounts of content:

    • Large and small
    • Dispense between 3 and 30 ml of liquid
    • Lockable dispensers for avoiding mess or for travel
    • Various colors and shapes to suit your product
    • Plastic for disposable containers
    • Hammered metal, marble, or crystal for reusable containers

    MJS for Your Dispensing Pump Needs

    MJS consultants not only works with the very best dispensing pump manufacturers, but can get you the highest quality dispensers for the lowest prices possible. We have been in the packaging business for over a century and know how and where to get high quality for the lowest prices because we have access to the best manufacturers around the nation and the world. We can also handle design, and transport of your packaging, allowing you to continue to focus on your business. Let us make the process of finding the right dispensing pumps and packaging for your product as easy as a phone call.

  • When Are Child Resistant Caps Required on a Product

    When Are Child Resistant Caps Required on a Product

    Child resistant caps are absolutely essential when it comes to selling pharmaceutical products safely. There have been many tragic cases of children opening dangerous products like medicines and other products with potentially dangerous chemicals in them and injesting them when no adults were present to monitor them. Because of cases like these, the U.S. Congress passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, which authorized the Consumer Product Safety Commission to create rules and regulations for safe packaging. It is now mandatory that certain medicines, chemicals and household cleaning products come with child resistant (C-R) caps.

    When are Child Resistant Caps Necessary

    Child Resistant CapsEven seemingly harmless substances like Vitamin C can be harmful in certain doses. If your product contains any poisonous or potentially poisonous substances, medicines, or chemicals that could be hazardous if taken in wrong doses, they likely require C-R caps. Some examples are:

    • Eye drops
    • Mouth wash
    • Nasal drops or spray
    • Prescription medicine
    • Over-the-counter medicines
    • Vitamin supplements that contain iron of more than 24 mg of elemental iron
    • CLeaning products like bleach
    • Liguids containing alcohol
    • Insecticide
    • Liquid fuels
    • And more

    Using child resistant caps and closures for these kind of products has reduced the number of child fatalities by 90 percent since these laws were passed in the 1970's. Compliance with them will save lives and keep you out of court.

    DIfferent Kinds of Child Resistant Caps and Closures

    There are many different kinds of child resistant caps today to choose from to keep your product from getting to hands of a child. They include:

    • Rim snap caps
    • Squeeze and pull caps
    • Squeeze removal caps
    • Double shell push removal caps
    • Flip off caps with plastic and foil
    • Non spill, non leak screw caps
    • Pull rings
    • CRC's with foam liner
    • CRC's with vented foam liner

    Which Child Resistant Cap is Right For Your Product

    This is where MJS comes in. We help pharmaceutical companies like yours find the right packaging and caps and closures for their product. We know the caps that work the best for each kind of product, which ones are most popular with consumers, and which manufacturing companies to work with the get you the very highest quality for the lowest prices available. We can do this because we know the world of packaging better than anyone else as we've been doing this for over a century. We simply know where to look and how to negotiate to get you the materials and packaging for a price you couldn't find with anyone else.

  • Find Lotion and Soap Dispensing Pumps Online

    Find Lotion and Soap Dispensing Pumps Online

    Dispensing pumps are essential for distributors of soaps and lotions for two big reasons. First, they look great. Consumers like dispensers, period. Certain product that are well suited to dispensers are going to get noticed faster on the shelf than it would in some other types of packaging. This is because they provide the consumer with easy and mess-free use of the poduct. Often, when a lotion comes in a tube or a bottle, it isn't long before its all over the container and whatever else it might be packed next to. Nobody like putting a tube or bottle or lotion in their beach bag knowing its going to get on everything. This can be quite tedious and the reason why some folks may not even finish the tube or bottle - its just easier to go buy more.

    Second, using a dispenser ensures the quality of the product. When a product like lotion comes in a bottle or a jar, every time that container is opened, air gets into it. Sometimes bacteria or other micro organisms can get in along with the air and over time can contaminate the product, causing it to lose potency. With a dispenser, however, consumers can be sure that the last "pump" will be just as fragrant as the first.

    Additionally, pumps come with locking mechanisms, allowing for safe and clean packing.

    Different Kinds of Dispensers

    All dispensing pumps do essentially the same thing - pump lotion or liquid out in small amounts. But they come in different shapes, sizes, colors:

    • Pumps can dispense as little as 3ml and as much as 30ml
    • Locking dispensers for clean packing
    • Pumps for lotions and liquids of differing thickness and textures
    • Plastic disposable pumps
    • Hammered metal, marble, or crystal reusable pumps

    How to Find the Best Dispensers for Your Lotion and Soap

    There are many manufacturing companies that produce dispensing pumps, but not all of them produce the same quality or offer great prices and packages. How can you know if you are getting the very best quality for the lowest prices available? This is where MJS comes in. We have been packaging consultants for over a century. Because we know the business so well, we know exactly what packaging will be the right fit for your particular product and we can find it at the highest quality for a lower price than you'll be able to find anywhere else. We know from experience with manufacturers will produce the best dispensing pumps and which ones to avoid. Don't learn the hard way - contact MJS. Let us handle your packaging needs so you can continue to focus on your business.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Custom Labeling

    Everything You Need To Know About Custom Labeling

    Custom labeling is essential to having a product that actually sells. Most products have packaging that looks like most other packaging, allowing it to go unnoticed on the shelf among hundreds of other products that look very similar. How can a product truly stand out in the right way?

    Unsuccessful Custom Labeling

    Custom LabelingIt isn't enough for a label to simply be loud or unique. Every label out there is going to be at least slightly different from all the others. And while bright and loud labels can certainly get you noticed, if they are ugly or forgettable, it won't do the trick. Sometimes a label may be "trying too hard" and can actually deter consumers.

    Successful Custom Labeling

    The key is to create packaging and a label that stands out, is attractive to the eye, but also is easily identifiable from a distance because of its correct use of colors to make consumers associate that particular combination of colors with your product. For example, in 2007 the Wrigley Company debuted the 5 Gum line of chewing gum and saw a dramatic boost in revenue. You may have seen this packaging in the stores. It's a sleek black package with a bright label that is easily distinguishable from its competitors.

    Another example is the Snickers bar. Unline many other candy bars, you don't have to be able to read the label of a Snickers to know what it is. If you see it from across the store, you'll know what it is because your brain associates that perfect blend of brown packaging with blue and white lettering with the Snickers bar. If you can create a custom label and use its colors in such a way that consumers will associate them with your product, you're heading in the right direction.

    MJS Can Help

    MJS knows this business. We've been doing for companies like yours for over a century. We know how to create custom labels and packages that will get your product noticed faster than its competitors. We can handle:

    • Label design
    • Packaging design
    • Which manufacturer to get the highest quality and lowest prices from
    • Transport

    In short, we can guide in the process from label design to sales. We know who to work with and which companies to avoid. It's not easy trying to find the best companies to handle design and manufacturing out there in today's market. There are a lot of promises made and only some of them are ever kept. Because we've been doing this for over a century, we know how you can avoid all the pitfalls to boost your sales faster than possible on your own. Don't learn the hard way. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on your business.

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