Standard Liners

Abbreviation Name Descriptions
PW Pulp Waxed Pulpboard with .001 to .002 wax coating on one side.
PS Pressure Sensitive A polystyrene foam with a pressure sensitive coating.
P/SF Pulp and Saran Film 75-gauge Saran film laminated to white paper and bonded to pulpboard.
P/PE Pulp and Polyethylene Coated Paper .0015 polyethylene coated white paper laminated to pulpboard.
P/VAF Pulp and Vinyl Coated Aluminum Foil White pigmented vinyl coating on .00035 aluminum foil laminated to pulpboard.
F-217® F-217® (Foam) Coextrusion of low-density polyethylene/foamed polyethylene/low-density polyethylene.
P/RVTLF Pulp and Polyvinyl Lubricant Film Vinyl coating applied to high-density polyethylene coated white paper laminated to pulpboard, with LF over vinyl.
Heat Seal or Foil Seal Coated polyester film bonded to aluminum foil, wax bonded to 0.025″ white lined pulp board.
P/SAF Pulp, Saran and Aluminum Foil White pigmented Saran coating applied to .00035 aluminum foil with white paper backing, laminated to pulpboard.