Package Assembly

Save time, reduce waste, and optimize profit by utilizing MJS Packaging as your one-stop shop for all your assembly needs.

MJS Packaging handles every detail for your packaging assembly needs. This can be as simple as fitting a cap onto a bottle, or more custom work such as grouping products together for gift boxes or club stores. 

Handling Every Assembly Need

MJS Packaging’s vendor partners, combined with our partnership in the Contract Packaging Association, enrich our customers with numerous resources to handle all your assembly needs.

It’s true no matter what your need, MJS Packaging is here to be your complete packaging solutions provider.

Your Complete Packaging Solutions Provider

When getting a finished product out the door, there are a multitude of facets to consider, and even more moving parts. Getting a product on the shelf and into the consumers’ hands is yet another journey.

By turning to MJS Packaging for all your assembly needs, we’re able to take the headache and frustration out of the entire process and streamline it all at the same time.