Bottle Preparation

Packaging isn’t just about creating standout design and flawless functionality.
Sometimes bottles also need cleaning, sterilization, and even fluorination.

As a perfect complement to helping you obtain the optimal design and application for containing your product, MJS Packaging has the bottle preparation services you need to protect the quality your customers expect.

Bottle Cleaning

MJS Packaging assists in having plastic and glass bottles of all shapes and sizes cleaned to their desired specification. During the cleaning process, microscopic particles and molecular residues are removed from bottles. Heavy degreasing is paramount to certain industries, like Automotive.

As a result, all bottles processed are then ultra-clean and completely particle free.


The sterilization process goes beyond disinfection due to the transfer of extreme heat, which kills unwanted organisms invisible to the naked eye. These organisms include:

  • Resistant Bacterial Spores
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Prions

These processes are especially popular within the Chemical, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries.


Fluorination prevents container paneling and distortion while reducing evaporation, permeation and odor emission. MJS Packaging can recommend a fluorination strength specific to your product’s needs.

Our decades of experience make the fluorination process easier for you, and we’re happy to pass our knowledge along to our customers.