One of the key marketing tools that businesses have today are the ability to choose containers that suit their product and packaging that will stand out and make consumers take notice. Marketing professionals have a plethora of printing and packaging options to choose from when their product is ready to go to market. Choosing the right label for their bottles, caps, and closures can be the difference between a successful product that flies off store shelves and one that ends up in the bargain bin. The goal is to choose the labeling that will differentiate your product from competitors and retain its visual appeal, long after it has left store shelves.

One process that has gained popularity recently is silk-screening for labels. Silk screening has become popular for products that may come in contact with water, outside conditions or must withstand repeated washing or sterilization. Unlike paper labels that can fade or fall off a container, silkscreened labels are permanent, they won't fade and they will always maintain the look and feel of the product through its lifecycle. Silks-screening for labels is an ideal solution for both plastic and glass bottles and containers.

The Silk Screening Process:

The silk screening process dates back to the early 1900's when it gained popularity in Japan, France and England before making its way across the pond, particularly the west coast.

The process itself involves the use of a photographically treated screen supporting an ink-blocking stencil directly onto the item to be decorated. Each color is applied individual, a new screen is required for each color used, so several screens would be used for multi-color printing projects. The most common types of inks used are epoxy-based ink and UV curable ink.

More and more businesses are choosing silk-screening for labels, some of the most common uses are:

  • Logoed Glassware
  • Alcohol and beer bottles
  • Household cleaning and garden products
  • Medical devices
  • Medication and pharmaceutical bottles
  • Health and beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, eye drops and other similar type products, just to name a few

For Many Products, Silk-screening for Labels is the Best Option

Before you determine the type of label that best suits your bottle, cap or closure you must determine a few key elements of the product:

  • Point of Differentiation – What will make your product stand out from its competitors? Will a custom silk-screening for labels make your product “jump” out on the shelf? Will it stand along in a category where all the other products have digital paper labels, making it unique from competitors?
  • Durable and Long Lasting - Certain labels don't hold up well if they are required to withstand the outside elements, water, humidity and moisture. For instance compare a lawn or garden bottle with a silk screened label versus a printed paper label. In a short time, the paper label is lifting and in due time will eventually fall off the bottle—the silk screened label will always maintain the integrity of the product, no matter what conditions may exist. For this reason more and more companies are choosing silk-screening for labels is the preferred labeling option for their products.
  • Unique Shaped Products – Did you ever try to “wrap” a paper label around an uneven surfaced bottle? Unless it's cut to a specific size, try wrapping a teardrop or oval shaped bottle in a paper label—it can't be done. If you use silk-screening for labels you can choose any design, copy, logo and placement you prefer. Since silk screens are created for each individual project and color, they can be custom made for any size bottle or container, no matter how challenging.

MJS – Giving You the Competitive Advantage

We all know that there are many options when it comes to choosing bottles, closures and caps and just as many companies that can produce labels for your products. It's imperative that you select a company that will look at all the appropriate options and guide you to the right bottle and labeling for each individual product. The right size, shape, closure and label will insure that your product will catch consumers' attention leading to them purchasing your product over your competitors.

MJS has a wealth of experience; for nearly 125 years the company has provided innovative packaging solutions to customer all over the world. They are experts in helping clients choose the right bottle (glass or plastic), jars, tubes, pouches, sprayers or other type container that best suits their needs and products. They work with industry leaders so they have access to just any packing option available today.

If your project requires innovative and unique product designs that may not be readily available, MJS Packaging has an in-house creative and design team that can create custom models and molds to insure that your product is showcased in the best way possible and given the competitive edge needed to make it in today's competitive marketplace.