It’s all too common today in the world of e-commerce that a package arrives damaged. Worse yet, the product(s) inside the package leaks out or explode. 

Vented liners are the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for ensuring your package maintains its integrity without sacrificing the product’s quality. Like a mesh window screen, vented liners allow your container to breathe while keeping its contents in and contaminants out. 

As a leader in the packaging industry, MJS Packaging has seen how vented liners can help clients maintain a strong brand and avoid packaging failures. 

Why Vented Liners Solve Packaging Failures 

Your products need to be able to regulate pressure inside their package to ensure they’re intact when they get into the hands of the consumer. Proper airflow protects the package from outside elements and preserves the quality and integrity of the product inside.

The most common forms of package damage occur when the pressure inside the package is less than outside of the package — known as paneling, or when the pressure inside the package is more than outside of the package — referred to as bloating. Packages that become extremely paneled or bloated will likely end up leaking or even exploding. 

Bloating and paneling can occur due to a number of reasons, including:

  • A chemical reaction with the ingredients inside the container. Organic products and agrochems, for example, will off-gas, causing a container to bloat, while essential oils and automotive products can scavenge oxygen, causing a container to the panel.
  • Capping a product too soon after going through a hot fill process can cause paneling. 
  • Changes in altitude can cause the package to become damaged. Increased altitudes will cause a package to bloat, and decreased altitudes will cause a package to panel inward.
  • Storing packages in excessive heat or cold can cause packages to be compromised as well. 
protecting packages with vent liners in transportation A FedEx cargo airplane gets loaded with packages. Without vented liners, packages can become damaged from changes in altitude

Using an inferior vented liner can also lead to unintended issues. Whether the vented liner material is incompatible with the product or container, excessive heat and/or pressure is applied during the vent weld process, or the vent is placed improperly on the liner, the result can be detrimental. 

damaged packages Don’t let your customers look like this!

E-commerce continues to make up more of the retail market share for product sales across so many categories. In fact, e-commerce is expected to comprise a quarter of all retail sales by 2024. With this incredible growth, however, comes significant package handling woes — another culprit for damaged packaging. According to an article from, packages are handled up to 20 times and dropped an average of 17 times in the process. 

In today’s digitally saturated world, a company’s products rank as one of the most important front-facing elements for interaction with their customers. It’s critical that your product doesn’t show up on their doorstep or at their loading dock damaged, threatening the reputation of your business and brand image. Vented liners are the best solution to reducing avoidable packaging failures.

Vented Liners Are Valuable Additions 

Industries like household and industrial cleaners, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty are where vented liners provide the most benefit, but vented liners are an ideal solution to many of the packaging world’s bloating and paneling problems in virtually every industry. With the increase in highly concentrated solutions, more aggressive ingredients, essential oils, and organic compounds, vented liners solve more than just e-commerce handling issues. 

Find the Right Vented Liner with MJS Packaging 

Through a valuable partnership with M-Industries, MJS Packaging offers its customers top-of-the-line vented liners for their products. Professionals interested in vented liners can take a deeper dive into the topic by tuning into our latest webinar. 

M-Industries provides a maximum vent that provides the highest airflow and best performance in the industry. Maximum vents withstand extreme conditions and highly aggressive ingredients better than competitors’ vents. A basic vent is also available, which still provides better airflow than its competitors, with better performance at a lower price point. They allow products to last longer on the shelf and reduce waste/returns. With almost 2,000 possible vent/liner combinations, the MJS Packaging/M-Industries team can help you determine which vent is the best solution for your particular product and container. 

vented liner caps Almost any closure can be enhanced with vented liners.

Some of the most common closures that can accommodate vented liners include continuous thread caps, child-resistant caps, and disc and snap tops. They can be distributed as roll-stock, already inside the caps, or as pre-cut discs to be inserted into a cap or container. 

Interested in learning more about vented liner offerings? Contact MJS Packaging today or talk with one of our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists by calling (800) 915-2262.