Convenience stores and convenient packaging go hand-in-hand. That may be obvious each time you walk into a gas station. However, convenience stores have figured out an important secret about Millennial shoppers. We have taken note at MJS Packaging and now we are sharing new data about Millennials that should inform the future of packaging choices.

Why Millennial Shopping Habits Matter

The trend for convenient packaging is one you should watch closely & consider action.Millennials are often characterized by generalizations about how they trade up food choices. These characterizations are then amplified by data and anecdotes about consumers transitioning from large chain groceries and fast food establishments to higher-end fast-casual restaurants (think Chipotle) and trendy grocery stores (think Trader Joe’s). However, this is apparently only part of the story.

Studies also show declining trends in the consumption of foods like cereal. Some studies suggest that dish-washing heightened nutritional desires or other factors are behind such breakfast trends, but convenience stores have seen this trend and see their “future in food, not gas.” This provides a great open door for food marketed in convenient packaging.

Perhaps most importantly, the size of the Millennial generation underscores just how much these trends matter. According to data from the Census Bureau, there are 80 million Millennials in the United States. They are the largest cohort in America’s history of consumer studies. Simply put: there are many opportunities to resonate with Millennials and with a demographic this large, they will have a big effect on your bottom line.

Conscientious Consumer Options

For ultra-conscientious consumers, these convenient packaging trends can trigger some concerns. However, there are many ways to mitigate undesirable outcomes.

To minimize waste generated from convenient packaging, there are steps that can be taken. Packaging can often be made to be sourced from recycled materials, it can be made to be easily recycled, it can be designed to be more efficient for shipping (therefore cutting down on shipping costs and fuel), and packaging can be manufactured to reduce the volume of discarded packaging materials. Pouches, in fact, can be perfect for this.

Many convenient packaging options are also the perfect fit for reducing product waste, especially when it comes to foods and beverages. Individual and on-the-go packages can be sized perfectly so additional portions are kept sealed and fresh. Instead of large, bulk containers, smaller families or portion-conscious consumers can easily use a product without worry.

With the right packaging partner, your product can take full advantage of the many options available to fit consumer preferences about convenient packaging, health, and the environment.

Widespread Influence and Benefits

Desires for convenient packaging reach beyond Millennials, too. According to U.S. government data, almost two-thirds of all households are supported by two working parents. With more families working more than ever before, decisions like what to serve for dinner are not getting the same amount of time and attention as in the past.

Your product can be an easy solution, though. With the right packaging, on-the-go options can be utilized for a wide range of products. From healthy products complementing fit lifestyle choices to prescription and personal care items, convenient packaging is not limited to food and beverages. From single servings to single doses and unit dose packaging, your brand can experience more success if your packaging reflects the needs and wants of your target consumer. That target consumer may often be Millennials, but the implications of convenient packaging go even further.

Explore the Best Convenient Packaging Options

It is critical to be in touch with consumer trends. Since convenience is important to consumers more now than ever before, this means offering on-the-go packaging and other packaging formats that make life easier for consumers.

You can benefit from our hard work to stay on top of trends and inform our customers. Contact MJS Packaging today and our specialists will be ready to find the best options for your product!