Tube Packaging

Tube packaging is in widespread use for creams, ointments, gels and even thick liquids. It is also used for solids as it offers a layer of protecting, preventing the contents from breakage. With the advent of plastic tubes as opposed to aluminum ones, tubes can now hold a more varied content. However, aluminum tubes are still in widespread use and cardboard tubes with eco-friendly credentials. With tube closures available in range of sizes and shapes, tubes are now the favored packaging container for many items.

Uses of tube packaging

The ubiquitous toothpaste or facewash packaged in a tube (and other similar products) are not the only uses of tube packaging. Tube packaging is also used to protect and store and mail diverse products like bottles, certificates and posters and food products. Among the types of tubes available are:

· Ultra-thin

· Thin walled

· Medium walled

· Heavy walled

· Sealed bottom

· Mailing

· Hanging

Tubes may be clear or opaque and come in a range of colors and a huge variety of closures. They come with flexible bottoms or rigid bottoms. Tube packaging is used for many applications including:

· Household products

· Cosmetics

· Toiletries

· Gifts

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food products

Depending on the product, the closures may be screw on, flip-top, with hanging hooks or even plug top. With the range of tubes and closure systems, it may be difficult to figure out which tube is right for your products. Clear tubes display the content, while opaque tubes offer more labeling and designing options. Additionally tubes may be sold as they are or repacked in rigid cardboard, particularly pharmaceutical products or fragile items.

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