Mass-market overtures and clichés can only go so far when trying to get your product into the hands of today’s savvy moms. If you want to really reach key consumers with kids in their homes, trends suggest making a practical and authentic appeal via family-friendly packaging and in-touch campaigns.

What do Mom’s Want From a Brand?

Moms want and deserve family friendly packagingThe term “family-friendly packaging” can be taken a number of ways, but in a recently-conducted, international study querying moms, 51% do not believe marketers are speaking to them in an authentic way. When there are 2 billion moms in the world, such a disconnect can be a missed opportunity of significant proportions.

So what speaks to moms? In many cases, actions speak louder than words. On the shelf, at home, and when in use, family-friendly packaging is a representation of your brand. The product within and the container holding it should work together to make a positive, long-lasting impression. In short, give them something they can appreciate and give them something that makes a real difference in how they see the value your brand adds to their lives.

We have highlighted two key methods of adding such an authentic impression of helpfulness.

Reflect the Values of Moms

For every product you package, we strongly recommend considering your core audience and bringing unique solutions to them. Whether it involves senior-friendly packaging, bilingual labeling, or something else, moms and other important consumer groups will be sure to respond positively when genuinely thoughtful elements are included.

For moms, in particular, they have many roles, but it’s important to note that survey respondents say they spend half their time as “carers” (providing for the emotional needs of family members). This means the first method of leaving a good impression is closely connected to choosing packaging options that provide and promote elements of protection. Your family-friendly packaging should consider conveying how you help moms care for and keep dependents from harm, especially via innovative child-resistant packaging options.

Provide Simple, Clear Labeling

Next, moms also appreciate simple, clear labeling that provides the essential information needed for a product. This could be ingredients, usage instructions, or any number of details that can make a big impact. Examples of this include:

  • Showcasing how the product has a simplified recipe for more nutrition and fewer undesirable ingredients
  • Emphasizing how an over-the-counter product helps a child to heal and experience less discomfort or inconvenience

Think of the moms who have children with allergies. They need to clearly see if a product is “dairy-free”, “dye-free”, or free from other potential threats to their child’s experience. Make sure your packaging communicates these messages in a loud, clear way.

Plan to Simplify How to Use Your Product

Today’s moms lead hectic lifestyles. Many are balancing both careers and roles as primary caregivers, so it is critical to consider packaging for simplified, on-the-go use.

From snack foods in resealable pouches to a sunscreen stick, family-friendly packaging that is functional and convenient can be worth its weight in gold!

How to Be Sure You Have Family-Friendly Packaging

You can pull together a great many resources to ensure you have family-friendly packaging. Between the tips we publish and so many other online resources, the sky is the limit for planning and carrying out the right steps to make sure you don’t miss out on consumers with families. You can count on the packaging specialists at MJS Packaging to bring efficient and experienced consultation with proven effectiveness.

Keep in mind how much influence moms really have when it comes to buying products and don’t miss a beat. Let MJS Packaging make sure my product packaging looks, feels and performs at its best.