When to Use F-Style Containers

F-style containers are commonly used for packaging in the automotive, lawn and garden, pet, household, and industrial chemical markets. While these HDPE containers are an excellent storage solution for liquids like detergents and auto fluids, they are also ideal packaging solutions for granule products like fertilizers and cat litter.

Handy Design

The large built-in handle on F-style containers makes them easy for consumers to carry, and their flat sides make them easy for manufacturers to label. Their rectangular shape also helps when storing and shipping this style of container. Overall, F-style containers are a simple packaging solution with plenty of design benefits.

These durable containers are made of heavy plastic in varying gram weights, making them compatible with a wide range of products. MJS Packaging can provide F-style jugs in a range of colors, including natural, white, yellow, and black. We offer F-styles in sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 2.5 gallons, however, the most common option is the 1-gallon HDPE F-style with a 38-400 neck finish.

MJS Packaging Stock Options

MJS Packaging now offers four stock options for 1-gallon F-style containers, varying in color and gram weight. When in stock, these items can be received within 24 hours of purchase. Please note that these are designed to be shipped via LTL.

  • 140- and 145-gram weight in natural
  • 155-gram weight in white
  • 155-gram weight in yellow
MJS Packaging Stock F-Style Options MJS now offers 1-gallon F-style jugs in four stock options.

MJS Packaging Solutions

We are excited to offer stock options for F-style containers. If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-use packaging solution, look no further. Contact one of our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists online or call us at (800) 915-2262 to get started.