Squeezable tubes are a popular packaging choice by both manufacturers and consumers. Globally, there were 36 billion tubes produced in 2017, and this number is expected to reach over 71 billion by 2026. Tubes have earned their status as a preferred packaging option for several reasons: they have excellent barrier properties, offer high elasticity, and provide hassle-free packaging.

Squeeze tubes are a popular packaging choice in the beauty, food, automotive, and chemical markets.

Totally Tubular

Laminated squeeze tubes are one of the most popular types of tubes. They have a multi-layer barrier, reducing the possibility of oxygen and light from entering the package. This makes these types of tubes ideal for the health and beauty industries since both oxygen and light can have a degenerative effect on some products, like vitamins found in moisturizers. Small squeeze tubes do have some presence in the food, automotive, and chemical markets, as well, but they are most prevalent in the beauty market.

The multi-layer barrier in squeeze tube packaging makes them safe for light- and oxygen-sensitive contents, like moisturizers.

Low Investment Tube Offering

Squeeze tubes are popular in both metal and plastic form, and MJS is excited to share details about a great tube program from one of our packaging partners, Albea.

Albea has a collection of 14 plastic tubes in various sizes that can be printed and delivered in only 4 weeks. Orders start as low as 1,000 pieces and can go up to 9,000 pieces. With their very low minimum order quantity (MOQs), their tube solutions are the ideal option for testing a new product or launching a small indie brand.

With 14 unique squeeze tubes in various shapes and sizes, there’s sure to be a great choice for any product.

These tubes are digitally printed, allowing for high-quality, full-color graphics to be utilized. In addition to printing on the tube itself, the closures can also be printed on to offer additional customization options. This allows your company to further reinforce your brand's image and message throughout your product packaging.

MJS Packaging Solutions

MJS Packaging knows that squeeze tubes are wildly popular. Thanks to our partner’s low MOQs and options, we are able to work with you on tube projects of any size. Contact one of our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists today to get started or call us at (800) 915-2262.