What is Safety Coated Glass?

Safety coated glass protects what it contains and the environment around it. With both the chemical resistance of glass and the durability of plastic, a PVC coating is added to the exterior of the glass, giving it an added layer of protection. These bottles are typically used in research and laboratory settings to contain, store and handle bulk or sample amounts of chemicals. 

The Durability of Safety Coated Glass

The PVC coating makes a glass bottle safer to use in high-wear or situations where traditional glass could break. It features an improved grip over the slick surface of the uncoated glass for improved handling. If the coated glass were to break, the glassware fragments would be kept entrapped within the PVC coating and will not cause contamination or harm. 

MJS Packaging Quality Coordinator, Chris Shkrelja, took it upon himself to test the strength of the safety coating on the bottles and demonstrated conditions in which a bottle may break from various heights, with the results of its lasting durability showcased in the video below. 

Other Applications

Like traditional glass, safety coated bottles are washable, microwavable and not odor permeable. In addition, this coating allows bottles to have a writable surface and be abrasion-resistant. This protective technology can be applied to most glass products, including cylinders, bottles, flasks, and carboys. With flexible applications across various glass products, ​​this coating on the glass bottles is an excellent alternative for other industries outside of research or laboratory settings thanks to their superior ability to contain hazardous materials, acids and other harmful chemicals without being as susceptible to breakage as traditional glass.  

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