Ronni Majewski is one of the newest team members to join the MJS Packaging Sales force. While she has been working in Sales for the past 18-months, she has been with MJS Packaging since 1999 as the Manager of the Customer Service team. 

It is Ronni’s passion and dedication for her customers that have elevated her to our Sales team. Before working with MJS Packaging, her experience working with customers was as a Corporate Trainer and Customer Service Representative for Comerica Bank. It was there where her skills first really shined. Like several other great MJS employees, she was recruited by one of her existing clients to take on a new position with his company.  

After leaving Comerica Bank, Ronni got her first taste working with business to business clients as the customer service supervisor for a paper distribution company. This position soon led to her customer service role with MJS where she built and established relationships with our various clients over the years.

Ronni’s MJS Packaging Journey from Customer Service to Sales

As the Customer Service Manager for nearly 20 years, Ronni was a huge part in keeping all the pieces moving for MJS Packaging. Ronni was responsible for the hiring and training of new employees. She developed numerous new processes over her years in the customer service department. 

Making the leap to Sales from Customer Service has been a natural transition for Ronni. In fact, one of Ronni’s customers has been doing business with MJS Packaging for over 60 years. Of those 60 years, Ronni was the Customer Service representative for this customer for 20 years. After a 20-year relationship, Ronni now gets to help excel in a different role as their lead Sales representative.

What Ronni Brings to the Sales Team

With her extensive background in customer service and in the packaging industry for 20 years, Ronni is a strong asset to the sales team. She works directly with her customers in a mix of simple and complex products, primarily focused in the personal care, OTC and pharmaceutical industries. She also works closely with individuals in the food, spirits, automotive and household/industrial chemical industries. 

Ronni always puts the customer first and prides herself on responding and getting answers quickly. Her passion for learning is perfect for her role as she keeps expanding her knowledge in the packaging industry. She understands how to help her customers get in the right position to get the best solutions for their packaging needs. 

Ronni is also an active member of the National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) and attends their yearly conference. This conference allows her to network and grow her knowledge within the packaging industry. She is grateful for the women before her in the packaging industry like Elaine Jacob, NACD Hall of Famer, who laid the foundation for more women to join the organization. 

MJS Packaging is committed to your success at all times. If you are interested in working with one of our great Sales reps like Ronni, please contact us!