Did you know that 83% of pet owners now refer to themselves as their pet's mommy or daddy?

The number of children in a household is declining, and the number of pets continues to increase. Pet owners are embracing their pets as humans, dressing them in stylish clothes and accessories, and even going the extra mile for their health and wellness. Many pet owners are providing a variety of supplements to their furry friends, like tablets, soft chews, powders, and liquids.

The Importance of Pet Supplement Packaging

According to the December 2018 issue of Pet Business, owners look to supplements to solve their pets’ health issues or to make them less susceptible to certain maladies. Pet owners worry about the ingredients included in pet supplements and how different brands vary. The same rules apply to similar products geared towards humans.

Pet care spending has reached a staggering $43.4 billion on an annual basis. It’s important for manufacturers to include quality ingredients in products like pet foods, essential oils, and supplements. Additionally, pet supplement packaging needs functionality, an easy way to open and use, and clear directions. The packaging must communicate the product’s features and benefits, such as when to take the product, the list of ingredients, and include a child-resistant closure for protection.

Consider MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging has decades of experience working with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and OTC manufacturers. By supplying a large variety of packers to use with pills and tablets, our glass, HDPE or PET packaging are the best options to match these products.

We also offer bottles such as cylinders, vials, and Boston rounds, and can pair any liquid products with various dispensing closures. Our wide mouth jars are for products that have a large quantity of chews or powders. We can help you with flexible packaging to work for your pet supplement needs, too.

Are You Ready for Functional Pet Supplement Packaging?

Need help with your pet supplement packaging? Contact MJS Packaging today. Our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists can help you choose packaging that will grab your consumers’ attention immediately.