Manufacturers choose the right packaging option to hold and protect their products based on a number of factors. Pail packaging is essential to many industries, including chemical, paints, industrial products, and more. That’s why MJS Packaging offers several types of pails as a practical packaging option.

Pail Packaging

Plastic pails are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 gallon, up to 9 gallons. Common capacities purchased are the 1-and 5-gallon pails. Also, pails are a great packaging solution for bulk, dry, and liquid products. There are more options than what people might think!

MJS Packaging offers stocked pails that manufacturers can buy directly from our website. Several styles are readily available from our manufacturing partners. In addition, custom options include colors, lid features, dispensing and more. Applied graphics such as in-Mold Labeling, Offset and silkscreen direct printing as well as sleeve labeling allow you to use these large containers as a billboard for your marketing message. Tell us what you need, and we’ll be sure to have a solution!

4 Plastic Pail Options

MJS Packaging supplies a variety of pails to suit your needs, including these:

Pail Packaging Manufacturers can store a number of products, such as nails, buttons, and even food, in this sturdy round pail option.
  1. HDPE Round Pail
    This simple round pail with a metal handle offers a traditional option for products. This pail stores liquid, powders, or solids. It's often used for home and garden, industrial chemicals, and other products. The metal handle makes it easy to transport your product.

    Pail Packaging This pail is great for saving space in warehouses due to the stackable nature of its square shape.
  2. HDPE Square Latch Pail
    The HDPE Square Latch Pail is a more efficient use of space when storing and stacking. This pail is UN certified for solid groups II and III. The complementary lids have the option of a slide latch or snap latch for easy opening. They provide extra safety that is both child resistant and senior friendly.

    Pail Packaging This polypropylene pail is great for industries looking for a cost-effective alternative.
  3. PP Square Pail
    MJS Packaging supplies this lightweight square pail as a cost-effective alternative. Available in many sizes, this square pail features tapered walls for nesting. Also, the pails are compatible with our HDPE square tamper evident pail lids, complete with double ring pull-tabs for easy opening.

    Pail Packaging MJS Packaging offers this round latch pail in various sizes, with the largest capacity at 6.5-gallon pail.
  4. HDPE Round Latch Pail
    The HDPE Round Latch Pails are reusable for all products. The accompanied screw top lid provides a moisture resistant, airtight, tamper evident seal. These pails nest for better stacking for storage purposes.

Work with MJS Packaging

Please note: Pails and lids are sold separately. If you need to meet a specific HAZMAT requirement or require a one-time open or resealable closure, let us know! We can find the perfect selection for you.

MJS Packaging partners with many manufacturers to provide complete packaging solutions. Contact us today or call 800.915.2262. Let our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists assist you with our many pail-packaging options.