Traditionally used for vitamins and pharmaceuticals, packers are not just for drug store products anymore.

In this second piece about packers, we go deeper into the expanded selection available and their role as an economical solution. We are confident you will be surprised by their potential!

Options and Uses for Packers

They can be applied to more product types, and their design potential is growing. Check out our list of seven ways packers may be incredibly more than you may expect.

Packers work for a variety of industries: Among the many industries benefiting from this bottle option, you will find nutraceuticals, pet products, household chemical products, and more. We invite you to explore the possibilities based on an individualized approach to your product.

Packers are great for a variety of products: Did you know that Gecko Powder is a real thing? It is and it is just one example of how these bottles are being used with food for small animals. More common uses also include dietary supplements, superfood tablets, powders, sanitation tablets, and more.

Packers have great availability: Packers are a readily-available, stocked solution. This often results in a decreased time to get a shelf-ready product.

Packers come in many shapes: Among them, you can see examples of round bottles, oblong ones, and square, too. You can choose from a readily-available selection of stock containers and you can consider custom solutions, too.

Packers come in many sizes: When we say many sizes, we mean MANY sizes. From 25cc to 7680cc, and all sizes in between, we can help you find a packer of any size.

Packers come in a great variety of colors: Depending on the material used for your bottles, along with the tone you want the packaging to convey, there may be a great variety of hues from which you can choose. Both opaque options and translucent tints are available. From the traditional to the exotic, we can help you navigate how to get the right fit.

MJS Packaging can help you determine the best material: As we explored in our post, Packer Bottles 101, we can help determine the best material to use, whether that is HDPE plastic or PET plastic. We can even help you get glass packers. Whichever material you choose, please know that we always recommend testing for compatibility.

Know More About Your Options

When you know the options and the potential for your product, packers can be an excellent container choice. Call or contact us today to learn more.