Manufacturers of common household cleaning products seek packaging for their products that suits a variety of needs: child resistant; environmentally friendly; cost-effective; light weight for easy transportation; and aesthetically attractive. Plastic bottles and containers, which are available in many different kinds of plastic, have been and continue to be the most popular option to meet all of these needs.

Child Safe
If your product contains materials potentially harmful to children, you should consider child resistant packaging. There are many options for child-resistant closures to satisfy concerns for child safety while still being friendly for all adults, including seniors.

Environmentally Friendly
Today, it has become increasingly important to use recyclable materials, helping to maintain a good relationship with the public and keeping loyal customers. It may seem like a small thing, but when a customer sees the recycle symbol on a container, it helps them to feel good about purchasing it. This is one reason why many manufacturers continue to use plastic for their containers.

Cost Effective
Plastic containers can be inexpensive to manufacture, but the cost benefits don’t end there. Plastic also reduces freight costs, as it is less costly to ship than glass or metal. Due to its cost effectiveness, plastic has been the most popular material used for bottles and containers over the last thirty years.

Attractive Packaging
Finally, plastic is easy and efficient to shape and mold into attractive shapes for your packaging. The aesthetic appeal of your product is key to a strong shelf presence and helps drive the purchase of your product. Packaging design cannot be neglected, and using plastic can often be the most cost-effective way to get creative with design.

Best Kind of Plastic for Cleaning Products
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is commonly used for detergent and similar products. It is a tough plastic, able to resist UV penetration, able to withstand extreme temperatures, and is a non-leaching translucent plastic. It is perfect for products that contain strong chemicals, as many common household cleaning products do, such as detergents, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners.

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