Product packaging plays an essential role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Standing out from countless shelves full of other competing brands is crucial in making sure consumers consider your product as their buying choice. 

MJS Packaging offers various packaging material finishes to add to your packaging to stand out. These finishes transform the typical plastic bottle into an extraordinary representation of your brand.

Popular Material Finish Options

In this blog post, we will share 6 popular options typically used in the personal care and health & beauty industries, but that can be extended to other consumer goods as well. 


Antique bottle finish | Packaging Material Finishes Choose an intriguing finish, like the antique effect, to help your health and beauty product stand out on the shelves.

Vintage is still a top trend in packaging within various industries. If you want a vintage look for your products, there are various colors of PET bottles that mimic the look of antique glass. This type of finish gives your product a retro and nostalgic look. 

This finish is a great way to bring back memories making an emotional connection. Some of the best packaging comes from the past and that vintage look still attracts consumers to old and new products alike. Not to mention, PET products were some of the first used when packaging switched from glass to plastic, adding in more depth to the vintage look and feel.


High-gloss bottles | Packaging Material Finishes High-gloss finishes incorporate rich, vibrant colors that beautifully reflect light.

Bring your package to life by giving your HDPE bottle or tube a high-gloss finish. With a shiny, polished look in bold colors, consumers will be drawn into the luxurious look. It is also resistant to fingerprints, dirt and dust, which is an added bonus. 

The high-gloss finish is often associated with high-end luxury brands. One of the major benefits of high-gloss finishes is it allows your product to stand out on the shelves. This boosts brand recognition and enhances the perceived value compared to competitors.

Granite & Stone

Granite and stone packaging bottles | Packaging Material Finishes Granite and stone finishes enhance the look of your products from competitors on the shelf.

Granite and stone finishes add a visual dimension to the packaging but still provide a smooth finish for easy labeling. They give the product the appearance of authority. Granite finishes are often associated with hardware and outdoor products but can also be used with men’s grooming and personal care products. The stone finish of the granite provides a natural, earthy look.

Rain Effect

Rain effect bottle Rain effect finishes give an appearance of rain cascading down the bottle.

The rain-like design provides a three-dimensional look that can vary bottle to bottle for a custom look. This effect evokes a refreshing look and feel and can be used with a myriad of products.


Wood packaging bottle Transform your product by incorporating a natural wood look finish.

The wood finish provides a wood grain-like impression on your products’ bottle and/or tube packaging. This effect showcases the natural look of wood, including its figure patterns and colors. The figure pattern, or design, is the visible markings along the surface of cut lumber. To further enhance the look, we recommend utilizing colors found in natural wood tones.

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