Manufacturing experience? Check. Extensive knowledge of plastics and materials? Check. Packaging design tips? Check. With all that Neil Bloomberg has to offer, we could create quite a list! And if you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Neil, we are excited to give you a glimpse into his lengthy background in the packaging industry.

Sharing his expertise and experience in manufacturing, plastics, and packaging design tips, too, here is a look at who Neil is and how he is helping customers.

Over 30 Years in the Packaging Industry

Neil Bloomberg talks packaging design tips and moreWhen customers talk with Neil, one of the first things they may notice is his remarkably strong product knowledge. As you might suspect, his understanding of the industry was something he developed over a lengthy career. He has dedicated an uncommon level of time and energy to the industry over the last 30 years and we value the positive impact he has made along the way.

Neil began by building a solid background in manufacturing. He worked for a number of manufacturers early on, including a copy machine toner company. He might not have realized it then, but his role in purchasing bottles, caps, and dispensing pumps would prove invaluable later in his career.

He then worked for two companies known for their blow molding. The first of these two, Vanguard Plastics, is where he really shined in his ability to serve customers. He worked hand in hand with sales on their top 10 accounts and contributed to many of their successes along the way.

After Vanguard, Neil was hired by Custom Bottle, and he went on to provide comprehensive packaging solutions for customers. It was clear sales and distribution was a strong suit, which is why Neil continues to work on this side of the business today.

Providing Innovative Solutions for Customers

Consumers and industry types alike can see how packaging is anything but stagnant. Neil can be proud to say that he has been both a keen observer and a change agent in this regard.

"Dynamics with packaging materials, design innovations, manufacturing capabilities, and regulations all play a role in the changing world of packaging," Neil described. "Consumers are playing a bigger role than they ever have, too."

Without a doubt, there have been many significant innovations Neil has seen in packaging. Especially over the past five years, he says the biggest have been the following:

  • Flexible packaging. There are many great benefits to flexible packaging, including design options, efficiencies, and savings. Click here to consider if flexible packaging a fit for your product.
  • Shrink sleeve labeling. Under the right circumstances, this package labeling option can save time and money while accentuatingthe design.
  • Sustainability. We have seen an increased emphasis on the use of sustainable materials and using sustainable practices to lessen carbon footprint.
  • Digital demands. The internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of our business. Consumers are noticing when companies listen, too.
  • Child-resistant packaging. We have seen additional applications for child-resistant packaging. The FDA is deeming such packaging necessary in an increasing number of areas and manufacturers cannot afford to ignore these trends.
  • 3D-Printed Prototypes.  Some manufacturers  can save time and money by utilizing prototypes generated through3D printing.

The fact is that it can be overwhelming to consider the sheer volume of packaging innovations and packaging design tips. Thankfully, with the MJS Packaging team, good help isn't too hard to find.

"If you have questions about your options or where the market is trending, don't hesitate to contact MJS Packaging," Neil added. "We are leading the way, making packaging solutions easier to track and helping customers visualize all their options for their products."

Packaging Design Tips for Pushing the Envelope (Responsibly)

Of all the packaging design tips Neil can offer, he has a considerable amount to share about custom molds. It is an interesting area to say the least.

"With the trends in custom molds, it's all about the design. People are really pushing the envelope when it comes to design, and almost seem to be looking at functionality as a secondary consideration."

"Of course, the packaging needs to be functional," Neil continued, "But there is a strong need to break-through all the clutter on the shelf and get your product noticed."

Neil cautioned that some designs are going overboard, however.

"Some are really pushing the envelope too far," Neil exclaimed. "The designs are amazing, but they can’t be produced well or efficiently."

Quality is also an issue. As Neil pointed out, there are still some quality differences between these custom molds made in the U.S. versus those made overseas.

"U.S. molds are built to last. When we do work with overseas builds, we need to make sure they are using U.S. standards. For instance, when building an injection tool overseas, the hot runner systems have to be to U.S. standards. Thankfully, we have that expertise and can guide our customers through this process."

Better Listening = Better Results

When two competitors presented their designs to a potential customer who makes sunscreen, neither managed to zero in on the customer's needs. As Neil will tell you, however, there were two main areas where MJS Packaging had a distinct advantage. Listening better and applying superior industry knowledge made all the difference.

"We began by sitting down with the customer to find out what they liked and disliked," Neil explained. "We honed in on their pain points. From there, it was all about quickly producing a design they liked and then developing tool sets in five weeks. We took particular pride in delivering a good solution quickly, especially as this process typically requires six to eight weeks."

Neil and the MJS Packaging team paid close attention to the customer's needs. From there, they focused on setting the customer up for exceptional results.

Although they definitely have an edge when it comes to applying their skillsets and developing a custom mold, communication was the most important key to this successful launch.  Their best advantage is built upon their approach to learning about the customer.

As Easy as Starting a Conversation

When it comes to getting the best packaging solutions for your product, we work to make it as easy as starting a conversation. In fact, Neil even enjoys when he is the one to get the dialogue going.

"I've been in this line of work for decades, but I still think the personal interactions are some of the best parts of the business," Neil affirmed. "I still find myself learning something new every day, too. It's a pleasure to put that knowledge to work for the customer."

Is your business having a packaging challenge? Contact us today and let us find a great solution for you.