MJS Packaging has some exciting news! It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new President, Nick Haratsaris.

Nick Haratsaris succeeded David Lubin as President of MJS Packaging on January 1, 2022. He became the 5th president and the 2nd non-family member to fill in the role. He’ll now be overseeing the operations of MJS Packaging and its Sprayco Consumer Products Division. 

Nick vows to continue the company’s long legacy by living MJS’s core values – respect, integrity, continuous improvement, entrepreneurship, consistency, and community. He’ll uphold these values by listening to employees, hiring diverse and talented people to lead and support the organization, and encouraging everybody to work tirelessly towards their goals. 

Nick’s Background

Nick graduated from the University of Michigan and held financial positions with Champion Enterprises and PWC before joining MJS Packaging as Controller in 2006. He was drawn to the company’s long, rich history and its location in metro Detroit. Nick’s knowledge and talent in finance played a crucial role in defining the company’s strategic growth initiatives. He was promoted to CFO in 2011 and added COO responsibilities in 2019. 

For Nick, MJS is not only the company he works for. Over the years, it has become family. He fondly remembers sharing an office with David when he first started. He enjoys spending time and building relationships with all the people who also call the company their second home.  

The Current Business Climate from the President’s Chair

As we’ve shared before, the overall packaging industry is experiencing long lead times, consolidation, material shortages and labor shortages. Nick recognizes this and supports our team members in doing everything possible for our customers to mitigate the challenging business climate. 

Nick challenges everybody at MJS Packaging to work hard to maintain strong vendor relationships and stay competitive while staying true to its core values. He wants to build upon the company’s legacy by evolving to meet the needs of its customers and team members.

Learning From the Past and Moving to the Future

Pearl Buck, the first American woman to win a Nobel prize in literature, said: “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” As Nick embarks on his new role as President, he takes David’s lessons with him. David taught him the values of loyalty and optimism and to look for a win-win solution for every challenge he encounters. 

To thrive in any situation, a company must adapt and change. The current corporate structure with Nick as President and Matthew McDonnell as CEO is a departure from the single leader model that the company has typically followed.

The future looks bright with Matt’s experience in sales and Nick’s expertise in finance. Working together makes them better leaders as they complement each other’s expertise. Together, they will lead MJS Packaging’s growth and innovation and continue to maintain the company’s reputation in the packaging industry. 

Get to Know Nick Haratsaris 

nick haratsaris um basketball
Nick on the University of Michigan basketball team.

Nick has always had a go-getter mentality and competitive nature. Handwork isn’t anything new to him. At  5’11, Nick defied the odds when he made the University of Michigan Basketball team as a walk-on. He’s proof that with hard work and dedication you can achieve your goals. Nick has brought that mindset to MJS Packaging and will continue to instill it in our company culture as President.

He values family and is very close to his twin brothers, who are only 14 months younger than him. Nick’s parents were born in Greece and moved to the United States as children, making Nick and his brothers the first generation of their family to be born in the U.S. He also serves on the board of the YMCA in Plymouth, MI, and looks forward to being very active in his new role in the packaging industry.

MJS Packing’s Future

As the packaging industry evolves, MJS Packaging will be at the forefront. Under our new leadership, we will thrive and continue to provide our customers with the best packaging solutions available. You can learn more about us or can contact us to help with your specific needs