The importance of packaging to clients isn’t lost on Ashley Carson. “Without packaging, there really is no way for a product to be contained and therefore make it into the hands of the consumer,” she shared.

Ashley’s education in Business Administration at the University of South Carolina Upstate helped her enter the packaging industry in 2008 as a distributor for Dye Packaging in South Carolina (acquired by MJS Packaging in 2013). In her current role as an Inside Sales Specialist for MJS Packaging, Ashley is responsible for developing new business opportunities with customers and providing support to the outside sales team.

The Importance of Communication

A typical day for Ashley might be interacting with key customers in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, helping them navigate the ever-changing regulations and suggesting appropriate responses to new demands. 

She also regularly works with the healthcare, spirits and pet/vet industries. The variety helps her stay focused, as each industry has its unique challenges. She believes in “giving 100 percent in everything you do, every day, whether or not you feel up to it.”

Ashley enjoys developing working relationships with her accounts and maintaining an open line of communication, even when it’s to relate bad news such as an unavoidable delay. She considers herself a continuous learner who is interested in how packaging impacts consumers. Ashley is committed to keeping up with FDA requirements and is dedicated to profitable and compliant business relationships between MJS, manufacturing partners and the governmental agencies that affect production. She enjoys the high level of excellence that comes with working in this industry.

Strategic Adaptation to COVID-19 Shortages

With the understanding that COVID-19 continues to affect packaging at many levels, Ashley works closely with manufacturing partners to uncover issues like supply chain delays as quickly as possible. Once she can attribute the delay to something like shortages in resin, colorant, liners or a labor shortage, she gives the customer a straightforward timeline and a promise of frequent updates. “Customers appreciate the transparency,” she pointed out.

She holds firm to the idea of giving one-hundred percent every day, even when things are frustrating or especially challenging to solve. Her stalwart attitude might be inspired by her grandfather — he was a Secret Service Agent who guarded seven presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan!

A Positive Attitude

Ashley’s role at MJS has her sometimes take on the onboarding of new employees, helping them get acclimated and trained so they can be successful in their role. She often points out that MJS is like a second home. “Even though we are a company, we feel like one big family.”

Ashley’s career path has been helped considerably by mentorship, both formal and informal. She is grateful for all her mentors (past and present), who have given her a sense of confidence to transfer into her work performance. “This family feeling is a testament to our culture,” she said.

Her positive attitude makes her comfortable in going to her team members, her direct supervisor or anyone else up the line when there’s a need for support or some good advice on how to handle challenging issues with manufacturing delays or governmental regulations. With the mantra “start every day with an attitude of gratitude,” held close to her heart, she is gifted in finding the full potential in herself and those around her.

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