Over the last few years there has been an incredible focus on the Millennial generation, but soon there will be a new generation to focus on! Generation Z, or Gen Z, is the next big thing. It’ll be increasingly important for brands to begin focusing on Gen Z in order to capitalize on their future purchasing power.

generation z Get ahead of the curve and prepare to capture a new generation – Gen Z!

By 2020, Gen Z is expected to make up about 40% of all consumers, so it’s time to start paying attention to the many changes and demands this new generation will bring to manufacturers. MJS Packaging can help you get ahead of the curve with sustainable packaging, better labeling, and a plan on how to market to Gen Z.

What Does Gen Z Care About?

Made up of individuals born between mid-1990s and mid-2000s, if you thought that Millennials made a wave in social causes and activism, Gen Z is following in their footsteps- and then some!

demonstration Brands will need to be clear what they stand for in order to capture Gen Z’s attention.

How Can Packaging Capture Generation Z?

From a packaging standpoint, following these six main guidelines can capture the needs, wants, and social consciousness of Gen Z:

  1. Packaging Material: Because Gen Z is so socially conscious, they’ll be paying attention to the very material that’s being used for packaging in terms of recyclability, biodegradability, and sustainability. In fact, if product packaging can be composted, that’s just another perk to add to the list!
  2. Transparency: Transparency is important to Gen Z in multiple ways. Manufacturers will need to be sure they’re labeling products clearly, accurately, and (most importantly) honestly in order to communicate their product’s benefits and what their brand offers that’s different than the competition. Actually seeing the product through packaging (like clear PET white HDPE for vitamin bottles, for instance) will be essential.
  3. Authenticity: The craft movement is also sure to continue on with Gen Z, as they seek authenticity in their products. A focus on quality instead of quantity is at the top of their list.
    In order to connect with Gen Z, be ready to stay engaged both online and offline! In order to connect with Gen Z, be ready to stay engaged both online and offline!
  4. Social Media Presence: Growing up with a device in their hands at all times and interacting on multiple social media platforms at once, Gen Z looks for brands who are ready and willing to communicate with them online. New technology and social platforms will undoubtedly be created within the next few years, so stay tuned and stay ready to engage!
  5. Personal Relationships: Gen Z also looks for personal relationships with the products they buy and the brands they choose more so than any other generation before them. This focus will lead to brands looking for packaging that is custom, with personal touches often at lower quantities.
  6. Ecommerce: This one seems pretty obvious, but since Gen Z is so in-tune with technology and always plugged in, ecommerce will continue to grow with this consumer group. Be ready with packaging that is suitable for air shipments with ecommerce.

For more information or tips on how you can get ahead of the curve and capture Gen Z, contact MJS Packaging online today or call 800.915.2262. Our team members always bring rich experience, innovation, and superior customer service to our clients and are ready to create solutions for every packaging need.