This Father’s Day, we asked our team to share the best advice their fathers have given them. We received some funny stories, inspirational quotes and amazing memories. Here’s what they had to say.

Happy Father’s Day to These Awesome Dads

Brett Atlas, Sr. Vice President, Sales

 “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” – Ron Atlas

Brett Atlas

James Daniell, Account Executive

“A few years after my son James Robert Daniell III was born, I recall asking my father how I should share advice with the young impressionable kiddo. He told me that while my words were important, nothing could have the power to influence my boy more than my actions.

‘Show him by the way you live, work and play,’ my dad said. Just last month, my son had a baby boy, James Robert Daniell IV. This has reminded me of the wisdom my father shared, and I am going to pass it along in a couple of years when the timing is right. Just for fun, I included a photo of my son, my dad and I (left), and my son, grandson and I (right).”

James Daniell

Taylor Garrett, Account Specialist

“The best fatherly advice I have been given by my father, Jay Williams, was not by words but by his actions. He has always led by example and demonstrated what it is to be a provider for your family in every capacity. He has always lovingly provided for me, my sisters and my mother in every way.

He is the most patient, ambitious, humble and dedicated man I know. The love and wisdom that he demonstrates towards each one of us is very much cherished. He has taught me what it means to have a good work ethic, to be driven and passionate about what you do and to always put your best foot forward. He pairs these admirable traits with equal amounts of wit and sarcastic humor that keeps our family young with laughter. 

I am thankful for you every day and Happy Father’s Day!”

Taylor Garrett

Ken Goldberg, Sr. Vice President, Sales

“They grow up fast. Hug them often. Love them unconditionally. They don’t really mean it when they break your heart…do your best to never break theirs.”

Ken Goldberg

Bart Latimer, Account Executive

“I was fortunate enough to have meaningful, life-shaping relationships with both of my grandfathers, as well as my father. These three men had a great impact on my philosophical approach to life. One story that comes to mind is a nice, sunny day when I was about 22 years old. I was sitting on the back porch with my father, waiting for the grill to come to temperature before adding hamburgers. 

My father had been at the hospital most of the morning, visiting with my grandfather (his father) who was nearing his final days. Without thinking of what my father was going through, with the sure-to-come loss of his father, I launched into a selfish pity party about how tough life was at the time. He sat there, quiet-listening to every word I said. I was selfishly listing all my problems at the time. I whined on about things going on with work, how tough school was and myriad other things. I then capped it off with, ‘And not to mention, my grandfather is dying!’ Remember, this was HIS father, and I was being that self-centered and unaware. 

I capped off my rant with the exact words and said entirely too dramatically, “I just don’t see how things could possibly get worse!” As I ended the sentence, a bird flew above me and did what birds do when they need to relieve themselves. It hit the front of my hair, cascaded down my forehead and across my mouth onto my shirt. 

My father, who had not said a word but listened with great care the entire time, stared at me and calmly said, ‘Son, I think God just spoke to you.’

The universe, my father and that bird all teamed up to put me in my place that day, and I am forever thankful for it.”

Bart Latimer

Joyce Schaffer, Account Specialist

“My dear old Dad passed away in 1989. He did give good advice and these are the three I remember most:

  1. Always have enough insurance. You never know when you are going to need it.
  2. Never have credit card debt, if you can help it. You will have a lot of sleepless nights if you do.
  3. Always love yourself first. Do not pine over anyone as they are not worth it.”

Joyce Schaffer

Monia Schembri, Inventory Coordinator 

“My Dad, Emilio Troiani, has given me so much more than just advice. He came to the United States 56 years ago, at the age of 16. He tells amazing stories about the small town in Italy where he was raised and the first time he stepped foot on a ship to come here to the United States. He expressed his excitement and the anxiousness he felt not knowing what to expect or what was waiting for him here in the USA. He was welcomed by his cousins who lived in Pennsylvania where he would then start a new beginning. 

Without knowing or understanding a word of English, he went straight to work in the family business of waterproofing in New York. They would commute from NY to PA. The lifestyle was unfavorable and my grandmother knew that was not the way she wanted to raise her children. They heard of great job opportunities in Michigan and decided to move. He began working in the cement/construction business and in his 30s, became the owner of his own cement company. 

Along with working, he has always had a love for soccer. When he came to Michigan, he was shocked that there were no soccer clubs or programs. In 1979, he started an adult soccer club named The Livonia Wolves. He then partnered with another individual to start a youth soccer program. 

After a falling out between the two, my dad decided to take the Livonia Wolves name back and step away from the political headaches and corruption that transpired within the program. The youth program transitioned its name to the Michigan Wolves. He proceeded to coach my brother’s and cousin’s soccer teams and refereed thousands of games; he also played in the over 50 leagues himself and now, at the age of 71, he is the assistant coach at the high school my kids attend.

He has been a huge part of my son’s soccer life and they share an amazing bond. No words can express how much passion he has for the game. He has been known and called the ‘Godfather of Soccer.’ Although, I know him as Dad and his 13 grandkids know him as Nonno, his knowledge of the game is impeccable. 

He loves soccer, but his biggest passion has always been his family. He loves to make homemade wine, sausage, pasta and marinara sauce and loves to feed us with his fresh vegetables from his garden. I was born a day before his birthday and have been blessed to share my birthday each year with this amazing man. I am known as his ‘birthday girl.’ He has been one of my biggest supporters!! 

A few of my dad’s favorite sayings are ‘Don’t worry about tomorrow’ and ‘Open your eyes.’ My take from those two sayings is, don’t stress over the stuff you can’t control, live for today because tomorrow is not always promised, and open your eyes and prepare for what could be because it’s not always what you expect.”

Monia Schembri

Bill Schmude, Sr. Vice President, Global Supply Chain

"It’s best to identify the gravity of your decisions as they can define who you will become as a man."

Bill Schmude

Eric Seidel, Sr. Vice President, Sprayco Consumer Products

“If it eats, sleeps, poops, talks or walks, don’t bet on it!”

Jared Van Hees, Account Executive

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” - Greg Van Hees

Jared Van Hees

Tracey Wiemer, Account Specialist

“My dad always said to think before you act. For example, don’t go down the stairs with the light off, put a coaster down and look before you walk. I’m sure this advice has saved me countless times from injuries and kept things from getting ruined. He also would always say never to leave anything in your car and I’ve never had my car broken into!”

Tracey Wiemer

Ashton Williams, Marketing Intern

“Like what you like, and never be ashamed of it.”

Ashton Williams

Bobbie Sue Young, Human Resources Manager 

“My dad (Bob) and I are so much alike. Maybe it has to do with the similarities in our names. ?

As a pre-teen and teenager, we would butt heads like no other (mostly because of my sassy personality). Each of us always has to have the last word in every argument. Regardless of the disagreement or result, he always taught me to never go to bed angry. It was a rule in our house growing up, that we hugged/kissed good night and said I love you no matter what the day brought. As a child, I thought this was so dumb and never understood it. 

Now that I am an adult, have my own children and have lost people I love, I understand the importance more than ever. Life is so short, and an argument should never be the last conversation you have with someone. 

This is a rule that I have carried on with my own family and I am so grateful to my dad for teaching me the importance of it! And even if my kids think it's as silly as I did, I will be persistent the way my dad was and hope they will find value in it too.

I am so grateful that I grew up and continue to have a dad that inspires me to make the most of each precious day that we are given. And that family and unconditional love are the most important part of life! 

To the best dad, a girl could ask for, Happy Father’s Day! I love you forever and ever and am so blessed for each day I get to spend with you.”

Bobbie Sue Young

Happy Father’s Day from the MJS Packaging Team

From our entire team, we wish you and the fathers in your life a very Happy Father’s Day! Never forget the wisdom you have learned and remember to give him a little extra praise on this special day.