Christy Fain is a top-performing Inside Sales Specialist with MJS Packaging who believes firmly in the power of learning and adaptation. She has a strong passion for communication, which she attributes to her success within the industry.

She’s also a natural go-getter who challenges adversities with a positive mindset. It’s a motivational trait that might have originated from her time as a gymnast as a young child, where she thrived from the adrenaline rush while achieving seemingly impossible feats. 

A Positive Mindset and Headstart

Christy worked in the chemical industry for over 24 years before joining the MJS Packaging family. During her time with her previous company, she was involved in many functions including pricing, marketing, product launches, inventory management and tradeshows. Her keen interest in constantly seeking new experiences eventually led her to join MJS Packaging in 2016. 

Initially, the practices at MJS Packaging were unusual when Christy realized that bottles and caps were like hotdogs and buns; the carton counts never matched. However, with dedication and determination, she quickly learned the ropes and it all started to make sense. Christy also received meticulous training from now-retired Inside Sales Manager Dawn Gagliardi, and this was instrumental to her growth in knowledge of the industry.

Christy has efficiently performed in her role, overseeing the pricing and management of packaging solutions, particularly in the personal care industry. The interactive and positive culture, harmonizing with the healthy energy that Christy continues to exude in her daily role, has been instrumental in maintaining great relationships with customers and manufacturers. 

Success Through the Power of Active Communication

As a leading Inside Sales Specialist, Christy prioritizes open communication with customers and manufacturers. She believes in the importance of testing at various product lifecycle stages. 

Christy once overcame a major product challenge with a client in the personal care industry. The requested product failed to deliver as promised as its liner caused the contained liquid to dry out.   Christy arranged to send the end-product packaging to the manufacturer for a comprehensive review. The proactive process led to the manufacturer recommending an alternative liner that fulfilled product standards. Also, the alternative was available at a lower cost. Christy successfully fixed the problem and strengthened collaborations between all parties. 

Christy always appreciates direct communication with clients to gather their thoughts, ideas and perspectives to deliver the best solutions. While the pandemic inevitably led to disruptions in communications, she went the extra mile to maintain customer relationships built on trust. She does not shy away from sharing information, including the bad news (e.g., extended lead times), as she considers transparency a pillar in customer relations. 

As Christy puts it, “Change can be scary, but when there are positive benefits, why not do it?”

MJS Packaging Services for Your Business Needs

MJS Packaging has over 130 years of experience as an industry leader, practicing a customer-first approach that provides businesses with the most effective packaging choices for ideal outcomes.  

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