2 Billion Dollar Industry

Though it may not seem like it, the disposable wipes industry is big business. According to Smithers Pira, the disposable wipes industry is expected to be worth $2.84 billion by 2023, having surpassed the $2 billion mark just three years ago. Although baby wipes dominate the disposable wipes market, wipes are used for more than just cleaning babies. There are many categories for which we are seeing wipes growing in popularity for both consumer and industrial applications.

Personal & Household Care

Personal care wipes are one of the many categories experiencing growth in this market. Nearly all consumers interact with disposable wipes. Whether they are using adult moist toilet tissue, toddler toilet care wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, or makeup removing wipes – these are products that consumers rely on daily.

Consumers love the convenience that cleaning and disinfectant wipes offer them for quick cleanups around the home, office, and even personal vehicles. Disposable disinfectant wipes have a large potential for growth in the next few years. According to Smithers Pira, these products alone represent over $1.5 billion of the industry.

Increasingly, consumers have serious concerns about germs in the household, especially with recent outbreaks of infectious diseases and noroviruses. Beyond just disinfecting wipes, many surface-specific cleaning wipes like granite and stainless-steel wipes, are gaining in popularity for those seeking convenience in their household cleaning routine.

Disposable Car Care Wipes Car care wipes are gaining popularity as consumers look for more convenient ways to tackle their chores.

Specialized wipes are popping up for other industries, too. For automotive care, glass and leather cleaning wipes are rising in popularity. The food service industry has seen a rise in no-wash food contact wipes and disposable, heavy-duty disinfectant wipes as well.

Disposable Wipe Packaging

For products like wet wipes, which can dry out easily, it is important to ensure your packaging and its closure are both air-tight and reusable. Most single-use wipes come packaged in wide-mouth HDPE canisters and can be paired with a variety of dispensing closures.

Disposable Wipes Canister Packaging Although our site features 61 oz. and 76 oz. HDPE canisters, they are also available in additional sizes such as 85 oz., 100 oz., and 120 oz. sizes.

MJS Packaging Solutions

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