Dispensing Pump

Dispensing pumps are used for many applications in household, pharmaceutical and commercial enterprises. Many products in a house come with dispensing pumps; health care products and medicines, too, use these pumps. Coffee shops, bars, cafes and restaurants use products with these pumps for measured liquids. Usually dispensing pumps are attached to bottles or containers made of various materials including PET, plastics and glass of varying sizes.

Why use a dispensing pump topped bottle?

Dispensing pumps are often better than simple bottle caps for dispensing liquids. Unlike sprays that give out a mist for wider coverage, the dispensers usually dispense a fixed amount of the products they contain. The many advantages of pumps are:

· Ease of use – the container does not have to be opened

· Specific quantities can be dispensed – particularly important in pharmaceutical applications and eateries where the quantity dispensed makes a lot of difference in the usage

· Can be easily replaced

· Various designs and colors available

· Come with screw on or crimp fittings

Dispensing pumps are used for dispensing shampoos, conditioners, face wash, liquid detergents, some household cleaners, food products like sauces, a host of medical and pharmaceutical liquids, beverage concentrates and more. Your bottles or containers may be large or small, dispensers can dispense as little as 1 ml (or less) liquid to 30 ml liquid with one touch.

While most pumps are made of plastic, some may have metal parts near the nozzle. If your product is not safe for metal, you need all plastic pumps which can be attached to bottles. If your product is a premium product, you may require a dispensing pump that is made of metal or marble to add to the aesthetic appeal of your packaging.

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