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Stroll down the beauty and cosmetic aisle in any grocery store or drug store and you will see bottles, pumps and dispensers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Thanks to custom cosmetic packaging, just about anything is possible these days in the beauty industry as far as containers go.

Here are just some of the possibilities:

- Plastic jars

- Mist sprayers

- Plastic bottles

- Bamboo packaging

- Roll-on containers

- Color packaging

- Plastic tubes

- Airless bottles

- Dispensers

- Deodorant bottles

- Caps

- Foam bottles

- Closures

- Wooden packaging

- Triggers

- Perfume bottles

While the list is nearly endless, there are some specific containers most commonly used in the cosmetic packaging industry.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles come from various types of plastic, usually with a narrow neck and an open top that is contained with a closure or cap.

Examples of cosmetic plastic bottles include the following:

- Skin care containers

- Regular or travel-sized containers

- Shampoo bottles

- Conditioner bottles

- Hair color bottles and special closures and dispensers

- Lotion bottles

Plastic Jars

Another common sight in the beauty aisle is plastic jars filled with various concoctions. These plastic jars range widely in size and materials, as well as dispensers and caps. Generally, plastic jars contain skin care or hair care creams or lotions.

Dispensers, Pumps and Sprayers

Whether it is for lotion, a styling product or skin care, dispensers, sprayers and pumps are often used in the cosmetic packaging industry. These items often utilize multi-layers to help prevent leakage and come in designer colors as well as the standard black and white.

The most familiar types of pumps and dispensers include foamer pumps, plastic pumps, plating pumps and alumite pumps.

Mist sprayers use metal-sheathed closures to allow for specific dispensing through a mist and come in plastic, plating or alumite.

Plastic Tubes

There are many types of skin care products, usually gels or creams, which come in plastic tubes with various types of dispensers. Commonly made from plastic or aluminum, these containers are available in custom materials as well.

Airless Bottles

Many types of beauty and cosmetic products change in composition if exposed to air. As such, airless bottles prevent air from entering the container, ensuring a longer shelf life and product effectiveness.

Wooden and Bamboo Packaging

A growing area of cosmetic packaging is the use of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wood. These materials offer a high quality container that does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the product and is visually appealing to many consumers.

Perfume Bottles

Wander past any perfume store or department and you will be amazed at the sheer size and shape of all the different types of perfume. While every perfume will smell different, the containers are just as varied in color. Many perfume bottles have electroplated UV on the cap to create a shiny appearance.

Deodorant Sticks

Most of us apply deodorant every day without thinking twice about it. However, the containers come in various sizes and shapes as well as colors.

Foam Bottles

Skin care products, cosmetics and hair care products often come in a foam substance, which requires a specific container and dispenser.

Trigger Sprayers

Many hair care products as well as cosmetics and skin care items come in bottles with a trigger sprayer for targeted dispensing in a mist or spray format.

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