On October 29th, MJS Packaging co-hosted the “Nutraceutical Packaging Tips & Trends for Caps & Sealing” webinar along with Enercon Industries. Enercon specializes and produces induction cap sealers for products to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and preserve freshness with hermetic seals in various industries, including pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

The webinar discussed packaging trends and basics on closures utilized within the nutraceutical industry. In this post, we will recap trends with the popular caps seen on your favorite nutraceutical products.

Nutraceutical Packaging Trends

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, nutraceutical companies have seen extreme increases in consumers purchasing vitamins, probiotics and supplements. Specifically, probiotics have seen a 66% increase in usage due to their role in supporting immune health.

There is also a great move with consumers purchasing their nutraceuticals such as probiotics and CBD-infused products online. 40% of probiotics and almost half of CBD products are now purchased online.

Therefore, it’s important to consider your nutraceutical packaging - it should be convenient, accessible and dependable for consumers. There are three closures that stand out and are continuing to grow in popularity throughout this industry. We will highlight their best uses.

3 Popular Closures for Nutraceutical Products

Flip-Top Closures

Gray flip top closure for nutraceuticals Quickly open and close nutraceutical packaging to keep contents inside and fresh.

The use of flip-top closures emerged from the need to improve consumers’ experience from packaging with continuous thread closures - tops that spiral down the container to seal. Flip-top closures provide easy access to the nutraceuticals needed at that moment. Consumers have access to the contents after lifting the wide top.

flip top with attached scoop for nutraceutical powders Secure the attached scoop to the lid after measuring the product.

Additionally, flip-top closures have the capability to house small components, like scoops, under the top. Best for nutraceuticals in a powder format, consumers can detach the scoop, measure the amount of powder needed then easily secure the scoop back in place. This prevents consumers from losing the scoop while not needing any other utensils!

Senior-Friendly Closures

Senior-friendly nutraceutical packaging closure | Nutraceutical Packaging Closures The need to access nutraceuticals easily is important for seniors.

How fast can you open your nutraceutical products? With 73 million baby boomers in the United States and the majority of the group turning 65-years-old by the year 2030, senior-friendly closures are important to incorporate for nutraceuticals.

Baby boomers should be able to open this closure in under 5 minutes. It needs to be user-friendly and easy-to-grip with a push-turn functionality to eliminate stress for this group of individuals.

Large Format Child Resistant Closures (CRCs)

Gummy vitamins and its packaging. Child-resistant closures are ideal for keeping children away from the contents inside.

Child-resistant closures are a great option to reduce accidental use and secure products from children. This closure requires either one of two motions to open - push down and turn or squeeze to unlock. Oftentimes, this closure is seen used with health and vitamin nutraceuticals and also CBD/THC-infused products.

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