Marijuana Packaging Laws Vary by State

When it comes to packaging marijuana and CBD products, the laws and regulations for each state vary drastically. However, while the rules may vary from state to state, it stands to reason that marijuana, like any other drug, should be kept out of the hands of children. Below, we’ve outlined some marijuana packaging best practices to ensure the safety of all consumers.

Cannabis Packaging Best Practices

As marijuana continues to gain legal status in more and more states throughout the US, the need for safe and dependable packaging also continues to grow. There are many container and closure options to choose from when it comes to packaging cannabis and CBD products.

During this emerging phase within this industry, consumer confidence in manufacturers – both in their products and in the company itself – will be paramount. As more and more manufacturers enter this booming market, they will have many decisions to make about their packaging.

One fundamental decision will be focused on the use of child-resistant packaging. In some states, it is required that certain marijuana products be contained in child-resistant packaging, but other states have different restrictions. We encourage manufacturers to utilize child-resistant packaging to present their product in a safe, trusted package.

Child-Resistant Vials & Jars

Child-resistant prescription-like vials are the most popular form of cannabis packaging due to their light-resistant and child-resistant qualities. This type of packaging is mainly used for packaging medical and recreational cannabis buds but can also be used to contain pre-rolled joints. Glass jars are another popular packaging type for marijuana products and can easily be made child-proof. These are most commonly used to package marijuana buds, edibles, topicals and waxes. Whether you're using a glass jar or a plastic vial, there are child-resistant closures for all shapes and sizes.

Child-Resistant Cap for Cannabis Packaging Child-resistant packaging is used to reduce the risk of children ingesting hazardous materials.

Child-Resistant Droppers

Some CBD oils contain small amounts of THC, and therefore carry some of the same dangers of ingesting as other forms of marijuana. When designing packaging for CBD and THC oils, child-resistant droppers are the best option. Not only do these applicators keep children away from the products, the dispensers also help consumers control the amount of product they wish to use.

Child-Resistant Dropper Applicator for Cannabis Packaging Child-resistant droppers are excellent, safe choices for products like CBD oils and tinctures.

Child-Resistant Edible Packaging

Although marijuana can be infused into almost any food item, the most popular type of edibles are sugary treats like gummy bears, lollipops, cookies, and more. This makes it easy for children to mistake edibles for their THC-free counterparts. Since many edible products contain high amounts of marijuana, these can be particularly dangerous to children, especially those smaller in size and weight.

Marijuana Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Many marijuana edibles are indistinguishable from their non-THC look-alikes, so it is important to clearly label edibles that contain THC and market them only to adults.

In order to keep edibles out of the hands of children, it’s important to use clearly-labeled child-proof zip pouches to package marijuana edibles.

Not all “edibles” are sold in solid form; edibles can include anything from marijuana-infused cooking oils, butters, tinctures, dissolvable powders, and drinkables (i.e. infused teas, juices, sodas, beers, and more). Drinkables are a rising trend in the marijuana industry that manufacturers should use caution with. Like solid edibles, many states require that drinkables not be marketed towards children in any way and must include child-resistant closures.

Some states go as far as to ban transparent packaging for edibles to keep them out of sight of unsuspecting children. Be sure to check local laws and regulations regarding edible packaging. 

Importance of Proper Labeling

Properly labeling marijuana products is of the utmost importance when it comes to product safety. Most states that allow the sale and manufacture of marijuana have strict rules when it comes to product labels. Providing clear, relevant product information to consumers promotes the safe use of marijuana products and helps consumers differentiate these products from their non-THC counterparts.

Labeling requirements differ in each state, so be sure to consult local laws and regulations.

MJS Packaging Solutions

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