Aerosol packaging has been in use since it was developed in 1941 by an American chemist. Since then, brands have used aerosol containers and packaging in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics and home cleaning industries. Consumers use aerosol products throughout their household, outdoors and even while on the go. Some common aerosol household products include hairspray, cleaning disinfectant, and air freshener.

Aerosol containers come in an aluminum cylinder or can that acts like a bottle, which dispenses the product in the container in a mist or foam spray. This all happens with the push of a spray button or valve. Inside the container is a dip tube that extends the valve to the liquid product. The liquid is mixed with a propellant that is vaporized as it is released, allowing only the product to be dispersed.

The Benefits of Aerosol Packaging

aerosol packaging hairspray
Aerosol packaging can easily dispense in an upright position for total control.

Why might you consider using aerosol packaging for your products? Well, there are plenty of benefits that make this type of packaging worth using. These include:

  • Ease of use: One of the main selling points for aerosols is the convenience of just aiming and pressing with a single finger.
  • Safety: Aerosols are hermetically sealed which means there is a less likelihood of breakage, spills and leaks. This also is an effective way to prevent product tampering.
  • Control: With the push button, the consumer can control how much of the product they want to dispense. This allows for minimal waste and more efficient use.
  • Recyclable: Like other aluminum packaging, aerosol cans are 100% infinitely recyclable.

Things to Consider with Aerosol Packaging

Depending on the product, it is important to determine the size and basic color of the container. For aerosol cans, the sizes range from 35mm-76mm in diameter and 70mm-265mm in height. The most common opening on the top of the can is one inch. As far as base coat color options, there are two, white or clear.

Once you determine the size and color coat options, you can determine how you’d like to decorate the can to match your product and brand. The decorating options available include brushed aluminum, metallic, high-gloss, soft-touch as well as embossed and textured designs. The shape is determined by the shoulder style, such as round, oval, flat/conical or soft/bullet.

Another important thing to consider is Prop 65 and the BPA standards. Depending on where the product is being packaged and distributed you will need to consider your liner options to meet BPA standards. An option for food products is BPA NI liners, which are growing in popularity due to not containing any BPA.

One of the last things to consider is how much pressure is required for you to disperse the product from the valve. Your product filler or chemist should guide you on the pressure resistance required to ensure your product dispenses correctly.

What is Bag-On-Valve Packaging?

The bag-on-valve (BOV) system is different from traditional aerosol systems. It creates a barrier between the liquid product and the liner of the aerosol can. This allows the product to be completely separated from the propellants, which keeps the product 100% pure.

BOV systems look similar to aluminum cans like other aerosol products. However, once the valve is pressed, air or nitrogen is filled into the area between the bag and the can. This process keeps the product and propellant separate at all times. You can find BOV products in many of the same industries as other aerosol products. Most fluids and viscous products can be filled in a BOV system as long as the product’s thickness can pass through the valve stem. On top of the benefits of regular aerosol packaging, the benefits of BOV systems include:

  • Total separation of product and propellant inside the container.
  • A superior barrier that eliminates the possibility of oxygen entering or leaving the can.
  • Use of non-flammable propellants eliminating the possibility of the container combusting.

How Can MJS Packaging Help?

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