Among popular and standard bottles, 8 oz Boston round bottles are used by a vast range of industries as they are available in almost all the materials and can take a number of different closures. These bottles can be used for cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, household, industrial and other uses, given their relatively smaller size. This cylindrical bottle has a short and curved shoulder and generally takes a screw on type of closure because of the threads at the opening.

Different 8 oz Boston Round bottles

The glass bottles in particular, can easily be sterilized and hot-filled, which is important for many pharmaceutical products. And the amber bottles specially offer UV protection for light sensitive contents, preventing degradation and spoilage. The 8 oz Boston round bottles are available in

· Glass

· Pet



Traditionally they come with simple black disc caps, and you may be able to buy them with the closures. However, if that is not what you want, you can also put different closures on the bottles including:

· Colored caps

· Pumps

· Lotion pumps

· Fine mist sprayers

· Metal caps

· Disc caps

· Twist open tops

· Trigger sprays

While 8 oz Boston round bottles are easily available at wholesale rates and you will always be assured or delivery, you should not think that the bottles are too conventional. In fact, sometimes familiarity can be a positive. And you can always differentiate your product with unique labeling and printing ideas, combining the new with the old.

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