Our experience leads us to believe you have ideas for how your product should be dispensed and used. We see our job as an opportunity to help you stay current with the packaging industry, so we want to share some info on a few specialty trigger sprayers available today. We can help you bridge any gap in your packaging, and get the trigger sprayer you need so consumers have even more reasons to love your brand.

Four Ways to Get Great Delivery of Your Product

Learn everything you need to know about specialty trigger sprayers. Then you can count on MJS Packaging for the rest!Most trigger sprayer types are differentiated by how they function. Some are specialized in a particular industry. Others are designed to withstand certain contents. There are other features and adaptations, too, but when you work with MJS Packaging, you can rest easy knowing our experts have you covered -- whichever solution you may need.

When you need something beyond a standard trigger sprayer, we recommend getting acquainted with these four options for specialty trigger sprayers and contacting MJS Packaging for anything else you need to know.

1. Continuous Spray Trigger Sprayers: Continuous spray trigger sprayers are relatively new. They behave more like an aerosol, giving you the continuous spray when the trigger is pulled. They can also work upside down to get to hard to reach places. The container is pressurized, ensuring a less temperamental release and eliminating the need for a dip tube.

2. Chemically Resistant Trigger Sprayers: Because harsh chemicals and solvents can be corrosive, chemically resistant trigger sprayers are a great way to ensure your product's success. The spraying mechanism is protected and you have a much happier consumer, effectively utilizing your product.

3. High Output Trigger Sprayers: Sometimes consumers need an extra-large spray pattern, so high output trigger sprayers make heavy-duty tasks a breeze. Of all the types of specialty trigger sprayers out there, this option gives consumers an extra-large spray pattern and an easier time using your product. They can even be used with some common chemicals. Although we always recommend you test for compatibility, we can recommend the best match.

4. Upside-Down Trigger Sprayers: Although these may look and feel like a typical trigger sprayer, they contain a special component in the spraying mechanism that allows them to be dispensed upside-down. Many consumers find them versatile and frustration-free as they can easily use the product down to the last drop.

Superior Selection & Implementation of All Specialty Trigger Sprayers

No matter what functions or products we need to match up to the various trigger sprayer options, we have packaging specialists who love to help you find the right packaging solution. As we help our customers sell tens of millions of them every year, we look forward to helping you get just the right coverage.

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