In light of the 25th annual Sweets and Snacks Expo that took place in May 2022, we wanted to share with you what to expect for snack packaging trends this year. With a renewed focus on the confectionary scene and consumer trends being ever-evolving since the pandemic, it is important to stay in the know on how things have shifted since our previous report.

Keeping Up With the Latest Snack Packaging Trends

According to the State of the Snack Report in 2021, 91% of consumers ranked convenience as their top priority, with freshness being second. With this information in mind, things like easy storage, handling and portability are all packaging characteristics to consider for packaging options. 

On a broader scale of a survey containing 3,055 people, 86% of Gen Z consumers asked say they snack as a means to relieve anxiety and 79% said boredom, while 85% of Millennial participants said they seek out snacks that have nutritional benefits and can improve their mental health.

Consumers stocking up on snacks has increased over the last couple of years and this may be because of the early pandemic days when consumers faced shopping restrictions and food shortages. It is clear to consumers and businesses that the pandemic changed the way we shop for groceries entirely and has even led to an increased demand for bulk food options.

Snacking Habits Based on Demographics 

Market surveys also indicate that Millennial consumers prefer wholesome snacks, a trend associated with health priorities from pandemic health concerns. Gen X and Gen Z are snacking for comfort and to cope with stress, anxiety and boredom. 

Shifting Habits

Consumers report their preferred snacking options have differed over the last three years, and 84% of respondents believe their preferences will likely change again over the next three years. This pattern shows that consumer trends are rapidly changing and that brands need to keep up with the shifting priorities. 

Packaging Options That Provide Convenience & Maintain Freshness

We offer a wide range of customized packaging solutions and expertise in the changing trends to help guide you in the best direction for your goals. 

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging options, like the resealable bag, add convenience for consumers on the go by allowing them to bring their snacks along to outdoor activities or gym sessions. The format of your flexible packaging will depend on the size of the snack. For example, larger format bags are great for bulk snacks, while small pouches are ideal for individual servings and/or artisan snacks.

Consumers love to have a sneak peek into what is in the package, so pouches with clear windows or transparent throughout are becoming more popular.

Convenient Bulk Dispensers

Nine out of 10 Costco members choose to renew their membership annually, suggesting a strong consumer interest in warehouse stores. This might explain the continued demand for bulk and large boxes of individually packaged snacks.

Clear Snack Jars | 2022 Snack Trends Clear packaging allows consumers to see the products’ contents before choosing the item to purchase.

We recommend lightweight plastic jars and canisters for warehouse store layouts that display various bulk snacks. These transparent containers typically have large, continuous threads or large openings, giving consumers easy access to shake out as much or as little of the snack they want, then reseal and save for later. Many brands are relying on transparent containers with handles or grip jars, so a consumer can easily hold onto these large containers and dispense their desired amount of snacks easier.

Another convenient bulk dispenser we recommend is the folded carton. Typically found with snacks like cereal and crackers, this option can help provide additional protection for bulk snacks.

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