Packaging Innovation Since 1885

MJS Packaging Delivery WagonAs an industry leader for over 130 years, there is good reason MJS Packaging is the longest-running packaging distributor in North America. Our company began with one man’s ambition for establishing his own business, continued with his family’s vision in growing it, and has endured over the years in large part because of MJS Packaging’s unmatched innovation and quality service.

From Bottle Exchange to Family Packaging Tradition

MJS Packaging was first known as the M. Jacob Company, named after Max Jacob, a Lithuanian who immigrated to the United States in 1880 and started a one-man bottle exchange business in 1885. When Max's sons entered the business, our company was renamed to reflect the family tradition: M. Jacob & Sons.

In 2014, M. Jacob & Sons changed our name to MJS Packaging to better reflect our core product line. With this change, subsidiaries Packaging Consultants Group (pharmaceutical and medical packaging specialist acquired in 2011) and Dye Packaging Services, LLC (rigid packaging distributor acquired in 2013) also began doing business as MJS Packaging.

Five generations later, our company is still family-owned and operated with longstanding expertise in packaging.

Diverse Packaging Products and Markets

As a key to growth over the years, MJS Packaging has reached new markets and provided new and diverse packaging products. In 1983, we established Sprayco Consumer Products, now the leader in spray bottles and travel plastics sold at retail. In addition to the acquisitions of Packaging Consultants Group and Dye Packaging, we expanded our footprint in 2017 with the acquisition of Riekes Container, LLC, a packaging distributor with offices throughout the central and western U.S.

Sustainability Through the Years

MJS Packaging - Flying J Logo ImageMJS Packaging has always made packaging innovation a priority, including adapting the business to become one of the first in America to recycle bottles. As plastics became the popular material for packaging, MJS Packaging provided our customers with the newest and best technology. Our company continues this today by exploring greener packaging options and sustainability measures.

The Story Continues

True to the customers and the opportunities for packaging innovation, MJS Packaging will continue to evaluate end user needs while providing the best customer experience in the industry.